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Jacoby’s Burgers @ Haebangchon


On Saturday, Chris and I braved the heavy downpour in search of ‘Jacoby’s Burger’ at Haebangchon (close to Itaewon), all because we learned that they had a veggie burger on their menu. I think the last time I had a commercial burger was more than a year ago, in SF, so I was pretty excited.

There were only a few other customers when we were there, so our burgers came out pretty fast. The menu says that they grill everything on the spot so you have to wait about 20 minutes, but ours came out in about 10-15 minutes.

The french fries (6000won) were yummy but didn’t have any salt on them, probably so that the customers can season them the way they like.

As for the burgers, we both ordered their Veggie Burger (8000won), minus the cheese. The red bean burger patty was tasty and it had a nice spicy kick to it. However, I thought the patty itself wasn’t firm enough, which was a bit surprising because even my bean burgers have more structural integrity! Anyway, I was just happy to be enjoying my very first restaurant veggie burger in Korea, so I really wasn’t complaining. I loved the wheat buns, and the burger was massive! I ate it all and was completely stuffed. woot!

Directions: Noksapyeong Station, Line 3, Exit 2. Walk straight and veer left when the road splits. Walk straight up the hill for a couple blocks, and you will see ‘Jacoby’s Burger’ on your right. (about a 10-minute walk from the Station exit)

Here is part of their menu. Click on images for closeup:

Now I also heard that Tony’s Aussie Bar & Grill serves veggie burgers too, so that’s where I’ll go to fulfill my next burger craving!


  1. can we go there together sometime?? ^^ the food looks amazing!

  2. For sure!!! I'm always down to go get veggie burgers.

  3. Ha! This was the day of my bday and I was struggling to find veg food in Tokyo that day!!! I am sooo going on Sunday for brunch, thx girl :)
    Marion J Guerriero!

  4. have you tried the veggie burgers at loving hut and kraze burger? awesome…

  5. @ThisJane Yup, i've tried Loving Hut's burgers. :) Not the Kraze burger though. Is the bread vegan?

  6. @Montana wow, it's been so long since I went to Jacoby's. Let me know how their veggie burger is these days! :)

  7. I asked about the bread, and Kraze says their buns aren't vegan. I ordered the veggie burger sans buns and it was surprisingly lovely!

  8. Hey. My girlfriend is a pescatarian with a sensitivity to soy. Does this red bean veggie burger have soy products? I’d imagine so, but hope not!


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