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VMF Day 14: Purely Decadent Cafes


**UPDATE: This Purely Decadent location has closed.

I often look at blogs about vegans in the US and just get jealous, wishing that I could have as many food options as they have. But there is one area where Korea seems to have a leg up on the US: Purely Decadent Cafes! There are a total of 8 of these cafes in Seoul alone, and more throughout the country.

It’s not 31 flavors, but it is all animal-free.

chocolate brownie almond

This chocolate one is probably my favorite flavor- I haven’t tried many others because I always just want this one. The chewy brownie chunks are the best, and the almond bits provide a lovely bit of crunch. Rad.

vanilla (add 500 won for the chocolate syrup)

Although this might seem like a vegan’s heaven, I have two gripes about these Purely Decadent cafes:

1. It’s expensive! One teeny scoop costs 3,800 won, which is a little over $3. craaazy. I guess they know the lengths that vegans and lactose-intolerant people will go for their ice cream fix.

2. The ice cream is probably the only thing that’s vegan. For some illogical reason, they don’t use or even provide soymilk for their drinks! So their lattes and crappuccinos all use regular cow’s milk. That just makes no sense. You would think a cafe by ‘SOY Delicious’ would provide SOYmilk, but nope. Also, all other food items on the menu are not vegan, such as their waffles, breads, or muffins.

Anyway, I’m not complaining, really! Korea, of all places, has vegan ice cream cafes. Woot!

This is the one at COEX. It’s opposite Todai and behind the ‘a#shop’ mac store.


  1. Wow, they look like great cafes to have! We only get some flavours of Purely Decadent here.

    And it's a shame the whole cafe isn't vegan, maybe they will change in the future!

  2. What?! I am so jealous that there are Purely Decadent Cafes over there.

  3. That's pretty awesome, minus the weird cow-milk bits!

  4. Oh wow, jealous! Although I agree that makes zero sense that all the breads and beverages contain dairy products. Silly!

  5. Yeah, it's totally expensive. I worked right next to the COEX mall and so I had some of their wares. Their brownies and waffle cones are not vegan though. Their scoop size is small, though I have to say Koreans don't eat much ice cream it seems. They also think it's too sweet.

    I had a PINT of Chocolate Almond Brownie the other day for $2 U.S. (on sale of course, I never buy unless it's on sale).

  6. omg, Joan. A pint for $2?!! That's just amazing. I guess it's a good thing purely decadent is expensive here, cuz I might just eat more of it than i need to. Enjoy your icecream!

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