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VMF Day 18: Oh Sae Gyae Hyang Restaurant @ Insadong


Went to ‘Oh Sae Gyae Hyang‘ restaurant at Insadong last weekend. This was my second visit- the first being on my birthday last year. :) It’s pretty similar to any of the other ‘Supreme Master’ restaurants in Korea, with wheat/soy meat dishes, and vegan kimchi, etc, as well as the Supreme Master television screens and paintings.

I ordered the vegan bulgogi (traditionally, a classic Korean beef bbq dish), which was actually really good. I’m sure omnivores will disagree, but I thought this was delicious. Sometimes it’s scary how similar plant meat can be to animal meat- honestly, it’s kind of creepy! For a moment, I forgot that I was vegan…

My friend ordered the roll, which tastes just as amazing as it looks. I got this on my first visit, and it was a very memorable roll indeed.

Vegan kimchi and soup

Hopefully I won’t wait another year before going to this restaurant again. The food is tasty, the prices are very reasonable, and ofcourse, it’s all animal-free. They also have a mini store where you can buy soy meats, ramen noodles, and vegan bread.

Here are directions, with visuals!

If you’re walking on Insadong road, find the Artside gallery:

Opposite this gallery, or next to the Ssamzie-gil building, you will see an alleyway with a sign-post saying [7] Insadong4(sa)-gil. Go into this alleyway:

At the end of this alleyway, you will see a sign for the restaurant, saying ‘Vegetarian restaurant.’ Keep walking, through that alleyway (under the sign), and the restaurant will be at the very end.


  1. Oh,I haven´t had bulgogi since turning vegan and I really, really miss it. It used to be my favorite dish as a child. Wrapped up in crunchy lettuce, with lots of kimchi, of course… yumm! Now I just have to try veganizing it!

  2. That roll, whoah! It looks like it's about to throw a party in your mouth.

  3. I ate at that restaurant, too! I loved it. I went with some friends on Thursday and we split a bunch of dishes. Then I went back by myself for lunch the next day and nommed down the jjajangmyeon. Yum. I highly second your recommendation of that sushi roll, too.

    Although, the side salad that came with one of the dishes was surprisingly VERY spicy. Too much jalapeno.

  4. I'm reading all these quite old posts, and REALLY hoping these places still exist when I move to Korea in July! Thank you for the directions :)

  5. Hey Ange, yes it's still there! :)

  6. Hi, Mipa!! Thanks to you again, I visited this place today!! My mom and I enjoyed our meals very much!

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