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TomaTillo: The Watered-down Taco Place?


Chris and I went to TomaTillo a few weeks ago- the location at Yuksam station. I think I hyped TomaTillo up in my head too much because I heard so many people comparing it to Chipotle, which I LOVE, so in the end, I was a leetle disappointed. I’m generally thrilled with any form of Mexican food I find in Korea, and by all means, the food wasn’t bad– it was just… aiight.

I actually thought the set up of the restaurant would be more like Chipotle, you know, where you go down a line and tell the staff on the other side what exactly you want in your burrito, and then pay for it all at the end of the line. Maybe at the mother-branch it’s different, but here, we just gave our order of the ‘Vegetarian burrito’ to the cashier and paid first (6,800 won for a burrito) , then waited at our table for our number to be called. Since we didn’t want cheese or sour cream, we told the lady taking our order, not to include those ingredients.

One thing I did like about TomaTillo was that they actually wrapped the burritos up the way they should be- closed on both ends. I don’t like it when my burrito is open on one end like they do at Dos Tacos. I also appreciated the fact that the tortilla was soft and chewy, unlike the harder tortillas at Dos Tacos. That was probably my favorite thing about TomaTillo. Another thing I liked was how they were wrapped in foil, and how I could peel the foil off as I was eating. That did remind me of Chipotle. :)

The burrito was okay, but lacking in colorful veggies. I thought there was too much rice in it, and too little beans. I seriously only found a few beans here and there throughout my burrito (you can see ONE half-bitten bean there in the picture) haha… And although the sauteed mushrooms & potato cubes were okay, the spiciness from the rice kind of covered up any other flavors.

Also, Chris paid an extra 2000 won for the addition of guacamole in his burrito. He kept taking bites, with the hope that maybe it was all hiding at the bottom, but nope, there was nary a hint of avocado in sight. Maybe they forgot to put it in, or maybe the avocados were mashed to the point of blending in with all the other ingredients, but if I pay 2000 won extra for guac, it would be nice to be able to see it in there.

We also ordered a basket of nachos. They were okay.

So all in all, our experience at TomaTillo was ‘meh’. I have to say, if it were between TomaTillo or Dos Tacos, at this point, Dos Tacos would get my vote. Their tortilla burritos may be a bit cracked and open on one end, but they have more vegetarian/vegan options, and the food just tastes better. Perhaps the other locations fare better though, so I do plan on visiting those someday. :)


  1. If this place is worse than Dos Tacos then I'm not even gonna bother trying it. I just went to Dos Tacos today and it was kinda disappointing. I ordered re-fried bean and broccoli burrito and they definitely lied about putting any avocado in there. Don't think I'll be going back.

  2. I just started following your blog today! If you need any recipes to make authentic Vegan-Mexican food feel free to send me a message. I will be glad to help :)

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