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Bangsan Baking Market


I’ve gotten a couple questions from different people asking about baking supplies and ingredients available here, so I figured it might be a good idea to do a post on where I find the majority of my baking goods in Korea.

I will admit that I have this weird thing with hoarding baking supplies. My cupboard is full of random different ingredients that I have stocked up on, for future baking experiments. The 4 vegan baking books I have are all from the US, and therefore, sometimes ask for ingredients that are virtually impossible to find in Korea, such as poppy seeds, Earth Balance butter, carob chips, or rosewater, to name a few. I try to bring back some ingredients with me whenever I visit the US, but for a few ingredients, I just have to do without.

You can find the very basic baking supplies at any supermarket, like flour, sugar, and baking soda. But my favorite place to go for anything baking-related is a spot near Dongdaemun called ‘Bangsan Market.’ This place is so awesome, it might as well be somewhere over the rainbow. It absolutely goes on my top 10 list of favorite places in Seoul.

At first, it might be a bit confusing to find, since it’s in the middle of Dongdaemun, which is market-central. But with a simple map and maybe some asking around, you shall find yourself in baker’s paradise. It’s not exactly a huge market, but I still love it because everything is mashed into such a tiny area. It might seem like chaos, but if you take your time and appreciate the mess of it all, you can find all sorts of goodies, from canned pumpkin puree, to orange extract, to blackstrap molasses. I have even seen a couple different Bob’s Red Mill products there, like stone ground whole wheat flour, dark rye flour, and even their pancake mix.

cocao powders, chocolate chips and bricks

Twisties and bows

This place also has everything you need to make your confections gift-worthy, whether it be cupcake carriers, ribbons, colorful twisties, or stencils for confectioner’s sugar art.

And ofcourse, you can find every kind of pan/muffin tin/cookie cutter, under the sun.

canned goods, yeast, nuts, flavor extracts

Raw cashews for your whipped cashew cream. They’re expensive though…

From left to right: lemon, coffee, banana, and chocolate extracts

colorful sprinkles!

Several other Seoul bloggers have written about this spot, so check them out too!

So now onto the directions. There are several different ways to get there, but this is the way I go: Euljiro 4-ga, Line 2 & 5, Exit 4. Walk straight out the stairs and turn right at the next intersection. Keep walking for about 5 minutes, past the towel stores and knitting yarn stores on your right. Turn right when you see a road with a sign overhead that says “방산종 합시장.” Walk for about 50 meters and you will begin to see little stores selling paper muffin liners and packaging boxes on your left. Turn into one of those alleys, and there will be many more baking supplies within the maze.

Happy shopping!


  1. its crazy how youve lived in seoul long enough to be giving DIRECTIONS to people! hehe. keep it up sis! =D

  2. this is by far the most helpful advice anyone has ever given me on living in korea, haha
    thank you !

  3. Thanks ennoncha! I'm glad to help!

    Unni, yea, I've been here way too long. Think it's time to leave yet?

  4. hey! bob's red mill is from portland! they have a huge bulk shop with everything under the sun. it's the best! portland's calling…. :)

  5. Portland calls every day…. I plan on visiting soon! Maybe this year? :) hehehehe…. *evil grin*

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  7. "방산종 한시장" is incorrect. "방산종 합시장" is right.

  8. It's very useful info and if I can add a bit more on that, that is you can find vegan margarine made with sunflower oil, Non-Gm canola oil and veg oil, in most Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant in Seoul and you will find vegan cakes, ice creams and much more. Happy baking!

  9. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of blender do you use to make cashew cream??? I have heard a vitamix is about the only one powerful enough, but I can't afford one of those. What have you found that will work in Korea? Thanks, I love your post and have to go there sometime. (even though I don't have an oven) I was so excited to see bob's red mill in Itaewon yesterday. I am from down the road from the factory in Portland. Thanks!

  10. @Anonymous Hi, I just use my handheld immersion blender. It probably doesn't get it as smooth as a vitamix, but it's not bad at all… hope that helps!

  11. They do have poppy seeds in bangsan market!! there's two types, blue and white(or yellow kind) ;P

  12. Hi, um, I know this is an old post but I was wondering…do you think they sell candy thermometers there?

    I tried making peanut brittle today for the first time and it was horrid and burnt and I suspect it was because I didn't have a candy thermometer to gauge when it turned from the soft-ball stage to the blacker-than-obsidian stage.

    Nice blog btw.

  13. @Beekergene, YES, they have all kinds of cooking thermometers there! :)

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  16. this may be a stretch, but has anyone ever found golden syrup? im not sure if its popular outside the uk, but its a great baking ingredient. i need it for the winter months!

    • Hi! I haven’t seen “golden syrup” in particular, but there is a Korean syrup made from sugar and rice, that is very thick and sticky, and you can find it at most big supermarkets called “물엿.’ I think it could be a good substitute?

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  18. I followed your directions but its like circling the area. I would reccomend getting out of exit 6 and walk straight. To your left will be NongHyup Bank keep walking straight and once you see a big sign that says 방산종 한시장 then walk in to your left and walk for about 1~3 minutes and a small alley will be alittle towards the right. In front of you . But great article!! ^^

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