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Taco Rico @ Gangnam


**** UPDATE *** Taco Rico has closed! (Jan 2013)

Last weekend, my friend took me to Taco Rico, a little Mexican joint hidden in one of the corner alleyways of Gangnam. Apparently, it just opened this past November, so it’s pretty brand new.

The space is small, but ‘cozy,’ as they say. Unfortunately, the only vegetarian option they had written on their menu was ‘Guacamole Tacos’ which have cheese in them. I wasn’t really in the mood to have tacos, so we asked if they could make a vegan burrito for me, and the friendly Mexican cook obliged. :)

So here’s my veggie burrito, off-the-menu:

This burrito was delicious! It was very juicy, which made it a bit messy to eat near the end, but the veggies and rice all mixed together was yum yum. They should really put it on the menu because I’m sure I’m not the only one looking for a veggie burrito in this town. And that roasted, salted jalapeno pepper that came on the side was awesome. This burrito (as well as their other meat burritos) cost 7,500 won. Size-wise, if you compare it to Dos Tacos’ burritos, it’s a bit smaller. If you’re a big hungry guy it might not fill you up, but it was perfect for me.

My friend ordered two guacamole tacos at first (3,900 each), and then ordered another one. :) If you’re vegan, you can always ask them to leave the cheese out.

Overall, I’m glad I learnt about this place. I do hope they will expand their veg options though. I think they are trying to keep their menu small since they just have one cook… It’s definitely nice to have a new Mexican restaurant in Gangnam, but only time will tell whether it can hold its own against Dos Tacos, a few blocks away.

Directions: Gangnam Station, Line 2. Walk straight out of Exit 7 (*Update: new exit #11) for about 5 minutes. Turn right when you get to the road in between the two movie theaters. Walk straight up the hill to the end of the road. Then turn right and you will see Taco Rico in front of you.

Oh, and here’s a little secret: if you order your food in Spanish, you get a small discount!


  1. I love Taco Rico! Best Mexican food I've had in Seoul! Nice to know about the Veggie option.

  2. When you went did they know you were reviewing them?
    My vege burritto was mostly lettuce and I was cost
    w10 000.A price they charged after the fact. I was still hungry and ordered more and despite talking to the waiter about not wanting meat the dish came with meat for which I was charged despite not eating.The service was poor the food flavourless and the cost outrageous. Would never recommend it. Thieves!

  3. I went there this weekend, and it seems that they have expanded their menu a lot. There were veggie burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and other stuff. I told the cook I was vegetarian, and then he even asked if I was fine with sour cream before he put it in my food.

    • Oh cool. I haven’t been back to Taco Rico since this post, which was several years ago! Good to hear they’re still in business~ :)

  4. I need to open a Mexican restaurant in Seoul :)

  5. The problem with this place is that the kitchen closes at 8PM and sometimes earlier. That is literally when people start to eat dinner usually.

  6. It’s closed. Don’t bother.

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