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The Wolfhound Pub’s Veggie Burger


I finally got to try the Wolfhound Pub’s veggie burger this weekend.

The burger came with a chickpea & blackbean patty, lettuce, onions, and tomato. It was also meant to have ‘garlic mayo’ on it, but I passed on that. The burger doesn’t come with cheese, so that made ordering a breeze! I didn’t have to worry about the cooks forgetting to leave the cheese out, which has happened to me at Jacoby’s before…

And for the side, we had the option of potato-wedge fries, house salad, or mashed potatoes. I’m trying to be a bit healthier these days, so salad it was. I got honey mustard for the salad dressing, but now that I think about it, that probably had some mayo in it… next time I’ll go with another choice. And don’t ask what that bowl of ranch dressing is doing there, cuz I don’t know either. But aside from that, doesn’t my plate look divine?! A ray of heavenly light is even shining blessings upon it.

What I loved most about this burger was the crispiness of the patty crust. They must’ve covered it with breadcrumbs or something- it was perfect. And the patty itself wasn’t as mushy and messy as the one at Jacoby’s- but it wasn’t dry either. Even my omni friend enjoyed every bite of hers! We both scarfed ours down to the very last crumb. ***UPDATE*** There is egg in the bread bun ***

However, it has to be said that the service at the Wolfhound Pub is rather distressing. It took a good while for the waitress to finally come around and get our order, and then we had to wait around 30-40 minutes for the food to come out. The waitstaff were fairly friendly, but just very sloooow and unorganized…. I noticed that several other tables were also having trouble getting the waitresses’ attentions, and one table who had placed their order before us, got their food after us. Actually, I don’t even know if they got their food at all, because my friend and I were done eating and left the restaurant before they were even served! They didn’t look too happy, and rightly so… I bet they were on the verge of storming out.

Anyway, aside from that bummer, the Wolfhound’s was the best veggie burger I’ve had in Seoul so far. I’ve only tried two other veggie burgers here- Jacoby’s @ Haebangchon, and the Loving Hut’s @ Shinchon. I ought to have put this on my 101 list: “Try every single veggie burger in Seoul.” Anyone know of any other good ones? I heard that the Aussie bar has one? I think I saw a restaurant in Hongdae with one on their menu too. Does Kraze Burger have a veggie option? I am in search of Seoul’s best cruelty-free burger, so help me out! :)

*For directions to the Wolfhound Pub, check website


  1. My roommate and I ate at Jacoby's (In Itaewon) a few weeks ago and were really disappointed. I couldn't even finish my burger. The mushiness was. . . not appetizing. However, this sounds delicious! Where is the Wolfhound Pub? I'd love to go and have a REAL veggie burger!

  2. I heard that Kraze Burger does have a veggie burger.

  3. kraze burger has a tofu burger~~
    it's ok~~ :) but i loved sharing the veggie love with you! ^^


  4. yummmm…that looks good! sigh, yet again i feel left out that i didnt get to join u two on your outing to wolfhounds! ill have to visit korea sooooon =P

  5. Emily, I thought Jacoby's was too mushy too. Good to know I'm not the only one.

    Lu & Sylv, I'll have to try Kraze Burger's next time~ Thanks for the tip.

    Unni, yea.. wish you were here! xoxo

  6. So thanks for an informative and entertaining article which has pulled me away from the day job for a happy five minutes!

  7. Mipa,
    I ate here last weekend and they told me the bun has eggs in it. Not sure if they got new buns since you went. Just thought I would mention it so everyone knows!

  8. Still has eggs in the bun…I had to just have a drink there last week and leave :(

  9. this post is old but if it still matters, there’s a place called Daily Round in Hongdae. They make everything from scratch and their veggie burger is said to be good.

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