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Finding oatmeal in Korea


I recently finished the package of rolled oats that I had brought back with me from the States, so I was in desperate need of replenishing my oats supply. Finding affordable oatmeal can be a bit of a challenge in Korea, as it’s not a part of the typical Korean diet. While many Koreans are now eating more ‘Western’-style breakfasts, with toast or sugary cereal, many still enjoy rice and kimchi. As much as I love my rice and kimchi, they’re not what my stomach craves right after I wake up. I used to just eat fruit or smoothies for breakfast, but I’ve recently gotten into the habit of eating oatmeal, and I’m loving it.

So where can you find oats in Korea? One option is to hit up the Foreign Food Mart or Costco, where you can find large cylinder containers of Quaker Oats. Unfortunately, it will also cost you an arm and a leg. Another option is to purchase it online (assuming you can navigate your way around the English G-Market site). A 1.19kg container of Quaker Oats will set you back about 12,000won- it’s still expensive, but probably cheaper than getting it from an actual store. But if you aren’t particular about the brand of oats you eat, you can just order a generic brand (oats that is imported from Canada, but packaged in Korea), for way cheaper. On G-Market you can find packages of 500g for about 3000-3500 won. That’s about half the price of Quaker Oats, per gram!

I actually ordered my oatmeal from this baking supply website. These generic oats are less ‘rolled’ than Quaker Quick Oats, so they’re a bit chewier. The texture might not be ideal for eating it cold or straight from the package, but it’s delicious when cooked for a few minutes in water or soymilk.

You can also get it from here, another baking site.

So there you have it. I honestly don’t know what I would do without my bowl of oatmeal every morning! I go to bed excited about eating it when I wake up. Honest.


  1. Hi Meeps!
    Really enjoy your blog – great information! You should know that the less processed the oatmeal, the better for your body. Keeps you feeling fuller and will give you more sustained energy. I eat steel-cut oats – the least amount of processing – but the only drawback is that it takes longer to cook except if you have the foresight, you can soak them overnight.
    Anyway, blah blah blah… ;) Keep up the great blog!

  2. Thanks Ji Young! Yea, I do try to find less-processed oatmeal (none of that instant microwave stuff).I don't think I could find steel cut oats in Korea though~ :)

  3. O-teu-meel! I get such a kick out of Hangeul-transliterated English.

    I wish I enjoyed oatmeal like you, Mipa. It's so good for you. I don't dislike it, but I just can't enjoy it like something savory in the morning.

    • I know this is a long time after the original comment, but try adding your favorite fruit. cinnamon. nutmeg. coconut milk. nuts. raisins (do you have them in Korea?). i have even added Coriander (lightly). experiment if you can.

  4. Mipa,

    I give a lot of kale to my bunny..but I don`t know if you have this in`s really good to them..She can`t eat the normal lettuce we have her in Brazil..cause it makes her sick..
    her ration is made from a lot of veggies and it`s called "Funny Bunny"..I know that you can buy this in a lot of has a big concentration of Alfalfa..that is really good to them..Mainly, dark green leaves are good to them..
    and I also give her some carrots 4 times a week..

    that`s all..I hope it`s all that her veterinarian said that she should eat..

    also, be carefull with websites..There`s a lot in portuguese that even say that bunnys can eat chocolate!!

    Remember..she is an herbivore..not a there are a lot of things that we can eat that she can`t!

    I wish to you and to Bunny a really nice week and a very healthy life =)

  5. im waiting patiently for another blog! doodoodoo…..


  6. You my friend are a God sent! I just recently moved to South Korea and I looked everywhere for oatmeal! Thank you!

  7. And I always thought I am the only person that is excited when going to bed about having oatmeal muesli the next morning!!!Thank you so much for this blog!!You really made my day!!!

  8. Snaps says snaps to u! Am an aussie in korea and killer missing my oats!!!!!

  9. Oh i’m Korean and love oatmeal with brown sugar! I was craving the creamy warm oatmeal that i had enjoyed in the US. I was searching for the source of oatmeal in seoul and found your blog! Glad to know I can get it from G-market! :) thank you for the freat info! Also i understand how difficult it is to live vegan in Korea. There are many web sites that carry vegetarian grocery. Hope you can try them.

    • Hi Jung, thanks for the comment. I haven’t been having hot oatmeal now that it’s summer but I do throw some into a smoothie or make overnight oats~~ yum!

  10. Amazing…. Been struggling to find oats and love porridge so big thank you!

  11. hi
    just wanted to point out that they also have korean oatmeal at costco. oat grown in korea?! raised my eyebrow at first, but it turned out to be quite good.

  12. Wondering whether shipping was expensive?

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