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UPDATE Oct 25 2012: SO TRUE has CLOSED.

Was recently browsing through the Hanulvut site, and found a review of ‘So True‘ cafe by Jamie (who I actually had the pleasure of meeting at last week’s Earth Day gathering). Btw, if you can read some Korean, I recommend poking around the Hanulvut website! There are lots of vegan recipes, and veg restaurant/cafe reviews, many of which I’m just dying to check out myself.

Anyway, back to this ‘So True’ cafe. There are so many great things about it…. First, my order. I got a simple Cafe Americano (4000 won), which came in a very classy black mug with a little pot of sugar on the side. I like! Their menu is on the pricey side, especially their smoothies, fresh juices, and food, but here, it’s definitely more about quality and freshness. And with the Americano, you can ask for a refill!

Their cafe menu board. They can also give you a separate menu for entrees, etc, which is pretty extensive.

I like how they grow their own lettuce on the patio…

… and I’m also a fan of their interior decor.

The interior is clean, stylish, and simple. It doesn’t fall prey to over-cute-ification, like so many other Korean cafes do. Even their bathroom is a pleasure to use- it smells like heaven.

‘Today’s Specials’ menu board outside.

Finally, without a doubt, my absolute favorite part about this cafe is their bookshelf which contains a plethora of lifestyle and cooking books. And there’s even one section dedicated to vegetarian, vegan, raw, and macrobiotic cookbooks, many of which are in English! Yes, you read that right. English. Vegan. Cookbooks. Need I say more?

I felt like I was at a vegan cookbook library. I spent the entire time with my nose stuck in each of these books.

I think the owner/chef was featured in a Korean magazine for vegan baking. Cool!

On my way out, I asked the waiter whether their restaurant menu had any vegan food options, and he said that unfortunately, nothing right now is 100% vegan, but that you can make modifications to the vegetarian dishes, or call them in advance of your arrival, and they will plan a vegan menu just for you! I’m so doing that…

Directions: Cheongdam Station Line 7. Exit #2. Follow the road as it veers right. Walk about 1 minute, and ‘So True’ will be on your right.

UPDATE Oct 25 2012: SO TRUE has CLOSED.


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