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Harunohee Cafe Soy Latte!


Awesome news!

Harunohee Cafe, my favorite neighborhood coffee shop, has added ‘Soy Latte’ to their menu! I like to think that I had something to do with that. :) I’ve blogged about this cafe a few times before, like here and here, so check those out. It’s always been a great cafe, but now that they have soy milk, it’s even better. I hope everyone orders the soy latte so that it won’t be taken off the menu! It’s also nice to support local, independent businesses~ Minju, the cafe owner, is super nice and cool, and she even babysat my bean plant while I was away on vacation.

Gunja Station, Line 5 & 7, exit 6. Walk straight, about 5 minutes, and Harunohee will be on your left.
Children’s Grand Park station, Line 7, exit 1. Walk about 5 minutes. Harunohee will be on your right.


  1. good job! i had a soy latte today. i think you had something to do with that….haha.

  2. ha! everytime a grocery store i shop at has a new vegan option, i always feel a sense of pride. like i had something to do with it. but great news all the same!

  3. I envy you your adorable Korean cafes!

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