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Vegan Delights at Cafe Mano!


Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to blog about Cafe Mano, a very vegan-friendly coffee shop that recently opened up in the HyeHwa (Dae Hak Ro) district! I heard about this cafe from Jamie who I met at a Hanulvut event. If you can read Korean, check out her blog for more veggie restaurant/cafe reviews, etc.

Some interior shots…

It was an absolute delight knowing that I had so many options for vegan drinks! The menu board is great because a ‘heart’ symbol indicates which drinks or foods are vegan. In addition to their black coffees and teas, they have a whole column on their menu called ‘I love Soy,’ which has specialties such as soy latte, soy hot chocolate, soy chai latte, and even soy pumpkin shake. *big grin*

I ordered their soy cafe latte, but unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the photo of my drink! Please use your imagination….

They also have a selection of adorable cakes and cookies- all of which are totally vegan. I didn’t try any of the sweets this time around, but I most definitely will when I make my next visit- which will probably happen very soon. Oh, and free wifi available. Naturally.

Chocolate chip cookies, Almond cookies, & Macadamia-cranberry-choco cookies!

Cashew-choco biscotti & pound cake

Non-vegan Cheese tart & Cheesecake (only items with a ‘heart’ by the sign are vegan).

Bean-choco cupcakes

The cafe was a little challenging to find, as there aren’t clear directions anywhere on the Internet (and their website ain’t so user-friendly), but in the end, it was well worth the search. Please refer to the map below. It’s about a 7-10 minute walk from Hyehwa station, Exit 4. Closed on Sundays.

Let’s support this vegan-friendly cafe as much as possible!


  1. wow, i will definitely visit the cafe when i get back to seoul in july. thanks for the great tip!

  2. take me there when i get there in july! cant wait to try out all of these cafes that you blog about :D

  3. 안녕하세요, 전 유학생인데 영어보다 한국말이 편해서 한국말로 쓸게요ㅋ blog 재미있게 보고 있어요. 오늘 cafe mano에 가봤어요. 저는 아직 완전한 채식주의자가 아니지만 한국에서 이런 카페를 찾고 있었어요.갔더니 마음에 들었어요ㅎ 다음에는 케이크 먹을까 해요. 알려줘서 고맙습니다ㅋ

  4. your map was perfect!!! i went yesterday! except they were closed :( are they closed saturdays? i was there around 11:30. i was so disappointed to not get to try anything!

  5. Oh no, i think they're on vacation for a few days! :( Don't you hate it when that happens? Definitely try again next time…. They're worth it. :)

  6. Thank you for this vegan guide. I just enjoyed a vegan waffle. Delicious. The lady there was very friendly, she even came out later with complimentary korean rice cakes.

    This is a gmap link:,126.997447+(Cafe+mano)&ll=37.583494,126.99749&spn=0.004489,0.010568&z=17

  7. Hi, I will be staying around there for my summer exchange. Glad to know theres vegan friendly cafe around here. Do u happen to know if wine or alcohol are used in their cooking?

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