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Pat-bingsu is to Summer as pumpkin pie is to Autumn.


There’s just nothing quite like a heaping bowl of pat-bingsu to cool you down on a hot summer’s day. Unfortunately, it has been years since I last indulged in this classic Korean summer treat because most bingsu’s are drowning in condensed milk or are topped with scoops of dairy ice cream. If I had an ice-shaving machine, I would be making glorious mountains of vegan bingsu daily. Believe me, I have given many-a-thought to purchasing one, but have stopped myself after realizing that my kitchen is too cramped for yet another counter-top gadget.

Hyehwa Cafe Mano
So yesterday, my sister and I were determined to eat patbingsu, so we headed to none other than my favorite vegan-friendly coffee shop, Cafe Mano. There are other places that have simple bingsu with just fruit puree, but I was in search of something with vegan milkiness, so Cafe Mano was the place to go. I have blogged about this cafe several times and it has become my favorite vegan-haven in Seoul. Like an oasis in a desert.

Hyehwa Cafe Mano
This is their ‘pat-bingsu’ (7,000 won). It looks a little different from most Korean pat-bingsu’s because the ddeok and vegan jelly cubes are so big. The size of ice cubes! They also have a ‘fruit bingu’ on the menu, which I’ll be sure to order on my next visit.

Hyehwa Cafe Mano
The ice shavings were infused with vegan creaminess that blended perfectly with the soft red beans.

Hyehwa Cafe Mano
White pillows of ddeok on a bed of snow~ (my attempt at being poetic)

Hyehwa Cafe Mano
After everything was good and mixed up, we dove in! Oh my goodness. This was so amazingly delicious and totally crave-worthy. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since! The sweet beans, the creamy ice, the chewy ddeok and jellies…. ahhh~ Pat-bingsu!! Oh, how I’ve missed thee!

Hyehwa Cafe Mano
We also each got some coffee: Iced soy latte and americano.

Hyehwa Cafe Mano
After several years, my pat-bingsu craving was finally satisfied. Mission accomplished.


  1. That looks great. It's winter here at the moment, but I cam imagine it would be just the thing in the heat of summer.
    It is always so exciting to find a veganised version of something you crave when you are out and about. :)

  2. The patbingsu looks so good. I am a patbingsu fanatic myself. I try to try one at different cafes, bakeries, even at BK and Loteria.

  3. Judy~! if you find any vegan pat-bingsu's anywhere, let me know! :)

  4. Hi, I found this blog searching vegan restaurants in Seoul and I was very happy to read this post because I'm a big fan of Cafe mano! :) I'd like to read some more posts to find out good places for vegan..

  5. i see you're reading/have read eat, pray, love! such a good summer-lounging-at-a-cafe-sippin'-on-an-ice-soy-latte kind of book.

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