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Temple Cuisine at Gam Lo Dang


Gam Lo Dang
Gam Lo Dang is a Korean restaurant serving upscale, refined vegetarian temple food. I’d been wanting to check it out for a while, but didn’t have the right occasion to go. However, last week, 7 friends and I decided to treat ourselves to a special Chuseok dinner there. :)

Gam Lo Dang
It’s definitely pricey… there are several different course menus, ranging from the price of 23,000 won, all the way to a whopping 98,000 won per person! We all went with the simplest ‘Sannamul’ course meal. Portion-wise, the main dishes you see here are meant for four diners. It might not seem like much food, but it was surprisingly filling. Since everything was presented with such care and the dishes were served in a gradual progression, we weren’t mindlessly shoveling things in our mouths and we took the time to savor each bite. By the end of the meal, I was more than satisfied.

Gam Lo Dang
Once seated, the servers came around and filled our cups with white lotus leaf tea.

Gam Lo Dang
To begin the long procession of food that was to be brought out to us, we were first given an appetizer of “germinated brown rice porridge with pine mushroom”…

Gam Lo Dang
…and individual plates of non-spicy kimchi, dyed pink. It was refreshing, crunchy, and slightly sweet.

Gam Lo Dang
A gorgeous salad bowl of greens, cherry tomatoes, lotus root, purple cabbage, yellow bell peppers, and celery, dressed in a sweet dressing that had a subtle apple-flavor. Nice!

Gam Lo Dang
Grilled yam, lotus root, and oyster mushrooms, which were to be dipped in…

Gam Lo Dang
… some bamboo salt! Bamboo salt has a very eggy taste, similar to black salt used in Indian cuisine.

Gam Lo Dang
Wowww. We all ‘ooh’ed and ‘aah’ed when the server brought out this colorful plate of various mini jeon (Korean pancakes). People say that you eat with your eyes first, and in this case, my eye balls were gluttonous over-eaters.

Gam Lo Dang
All of these different mini pancakes were amazing in their own right. I’m not exactly sure what the pink one was (some kind of cactus, I think), but the white one was potato jeon with a dried jujube garnish, the black one was seaweed jeon topped with a ginko seed, and the orange one was pumpkin jeon. They were ever so crispy on the outside, yet also slightly soft on the inside. Fantastic.

Gam Lo Dang
My favorite was probably the pumpkin jeon. The seaweed one was also strangely delicious. The soft texture (it was mushier than the others) and black color were a bit scary, but I enjoyed it all the same. Flavor-wise, it tasted like gim (dried nori sheets) in the form of a pancake.

Gam Lo Dang
This was one of everyone’s favorites: fried tofu with a hot pepper paste. Very flavorful.

Gam Lo Dang
‘Spicy wild lanceolate root and pear with mustard sauce’. Delicious. I really liked the tiny hint of mustard in the sauce and the crunchiness of the juicy pears, cucumbers, and the root slices. I would love to try and recreate this as a light salad.

Gam Lo Dang
Another salad of herbs and sliced lotus root, with a spicy dressing and chopped peanuts sprinkled on top. The herbs in this had a strong peppery flavor, similar to perilla leaves.

Gam Lo Dang
‘Assorted pancakes with vegetables and glasswort sauce’. We were told to place some of the vegetables on top of the mini pancakes, and then fold or wrap it all up. The glutinous rice pancakes were really soft, which made it a bit of a challenge to pick everything up without the veggies falling out, but I enjoyed it, especially the chewy texture.

Gam Lo Dang
For the main portion of the meal, we got a plate of various wild greens to make our bibimbab.

Gam Lo Dang
Here’s my bibimbab bowl with the different namul banchans and multigrain rice, before mixing. :)

Gam Lo Dang
My individual bowl of dwenjang soup with dried cabbages to accompany the bibimbab.

Gam Lo Dang
Various Korean pickles and banchans. This plate was meant for four diners. Yea… the portions on this plate were so small that we all only got one or two tastes of everything. However, since they were pickled in salty sauces, a little bite went a long way.

Gam Lo Dang
We were all wondering what the heck that tiny black clump was and how it could possibly be meant for four people. Turns out, it was a small serving of pickled anise seeds! This was my first time trying anise seeds on their own, and they tasted just like licorice.

Gam Lo Dang
For the final leg of our extravagant meal, we were presented with a beautiful dessert plate of millet pancakes with acacia and honey inside the fold, and teensy ginger cookies. I think this was the only non-vegan dish of the entire meal, as the menu description states that there is honey in the filling of these pancakes. It may not have been totally vegan, but I gave this a try anyway.

Gam Lo Dang
The pancake was soft and slightly chewy, and it paired perfectly with the delicate ginger cookie.

Gam Lo Dang
Last but not least, the meal was concluded with a bowl of sweet shikhye (Korean rice punch). Ahhh~

Personally, I loved all the dishes in their own rights, but I can see how some might find the food to be a bit bland. However, one should understand that that’s precisely what Temple food is all about- simple, clean flavors, with minimal seasoning, using fresh, natural ingredients. I actually appreciated the fact that everything wasn’t salty like many Korean foods. We could all do with less salt and bloating… :P

Gam Lo Dang
One minor critique I would give is that I found the ambiance of the restaurant to be lacking in character and traditional charm. In my humble opinion, the small windows made this house-turned-restaurant building feel a little claustrophobic, and the plain white walls and lack of background music made everything seem somewhat… sterile. That’s not to say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy my meal though! I would still recommend this place to anyone interested in vegetarian Temple Cuisine.

Gam Lo Dang
I still can’t get over how impeccable and beautiful all of the dishes were. The food was delicious and I came out feeling like I had just had a very unique culinary experience. It was also great to share such a special, peace-filled meal with good friends.

Gam Lo Dang
Directions to Gam Lo Dang:
Gyeongbokgung Station, Orange Line#3, Exit #3. Walk straight out the stairs and turn right into the alley after Dunkin Donuts. Follow the turns of the alley until you see Gam Lo Dang on your left.
tel: 02-3210-3397


  1. That is one impressive- and delicious-looking spread. The lotus serving dishes add a lovely touch. :)

  2. That all looks quite spectacular.

  3. Amazing blog you have here! How hard is it to be vegan in Korea? I'm thinking of going over to teach but my friends tell me that lots of vegans break. I would never but I'm just wondering.

  4. that looks so delicious! Now i have to decide between this and an egg tahini salad recipe i found for lunch….so hard to choose!!

  5. Wow! That food looks delicious! I am veg and will be visiting Seoul soon for a few days, do you think this restaurant would be OK for just 2 (non Korean speaking) people? Or do you need a group of four? Thank you!

  6. I missed this one during my last visit to Seoul. How does it compare to 산촌 and 발오공양? These three restaurants are probably the best well known (and only?) temple food restaurants in Seoul. Interestingly enough, all of them are pretty close.

    I'll try to visit them all if I ever have the chance to visit Seoul again!

    (I love your reviews and pictures, thank you for blogging.)

  7. Wow.. now that is food! Love the jeon, real pretty.

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  10. Wow, if i ever go back to korea i have to try out temple food at a nice restaurant like this!

  11. I called today and they said that they’ve moved!
    14-2, Jahamun-ro 4-Gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul

    Gyeongbokgung station exit 3
    Go straight for 70M
    You should see a Starbucks on your right
    Turn right into the alley and go straight

    Original text message from the restaurant:

    서울시 종로구 자하문로 4길 14-2
    [오시는 방법]
    지하철 3호선 경복궁역 3번출구
    70M 직진후 우축 스타벅스 옆 골목길 안쪽

  12. The original directions on the entry are still correct. We were just there a couple of weeks ago and found it after some confusion. You have to follow the turns in the alley and it’s in what looks like a nice spacious 2 story house. We thought we were walking into someone’s home!

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  14. Hi..may i know that whether all these food above, contains garlic and onion? which usually prohibited for chinese vegetarians..
    Thank you

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