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Cafe Mano’s Tofu (dubu) Cake


I visited Cafe Mano again this week! This coffee shop has become one of my regular spots for being productive. Ofcourse, the fact that it’s so vegan-friendly is the number one reason why I like to go there. I get to support a vegan businesses and also order desserts along with my coffee- it’s a win-win! Every time I’ve been there, I’ve ordered something new. I’ve tried their biscotti, chocolate cupcake, patbingsu, and their chocolate cranberry cookie. So far, so good.

Cafe Mano
This time, I decided to give their ‘Tofu Cake’ a try. At 4,000 won per tiny slice, it’s the most expensive thing in their dessert fridge. Sometimes I wonder why I pay so much for such tiny vegan portions, but then I tell myself that I have a responsibility to all my readers out there to taste-test and report! All in the name of vegan research. :) I guess the main reason for their steep prices is that they use almost all organic ingredients. Quality over quantity, I s’pose.

Cafe Mano
Well, I think it goes without saying that I loved the fanshy plating and presentation. It’s not every day that this vegan gets presented with a pretty dessert plate.

Cafe Mano
To be clear, this was not in any way trying to pass off as cheesecake in disguise- it’s unabashedly called ‘TOFU Cake,’ afterall. And while they called it a “cake,” it was more like a pie with a chocolate brownie crust. It looked like oreo pie, but those black spots were chocolate cake crumbs, not oreo cookies.

Cafe Mano
Taste-wise, it was a lot better than I expected. You can taste the beany tofu flavor, but it’s not bad or overpowering, and it didn’t bother me in the slightest. The chocolate brownie crust does help mask some of the tofu taste, and it all goes together quite well. I also appreciated that it wasn’t very sweet- the chocolate crust was the sweetest part!

Cafe Mano
I think I liked it.

Check this previous post for a map and directions.


  1. surely look delicious to me!

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