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Blogger Meet-up & Veggie Holic (non-vegan items!)


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie, one of my awesome readers, a fellow vegan blogger, and a raw enthusiast! I was super excited to meet her and talk to her about her journey into and her experiences with raw veganism. She hails from Vancouver, Canada and has been coming to Korea about once or twice a year for roughly a month at a time. While she’s here in Korea, she does eat cooked food (vegan) from time to time, but I think for the most part, she still tries to eat as raw as possible, which I think is simply amazing and impressive. Check her blog ‘Keep On Raw in the Free World‘ to see how she does it. :)

Veggie Holic
Anyway, we (Natalie, her friend Darren, and moi) met up at Veggie Holic in Hongdae. I hadn’t been there in a while and I noticed that there were a few new items, as well as a new display fridge with cakes and tarts. I got really excited, but then after talking to the lady working there, I learned that many of the newer items contain animal products…. Here’s the non-vegan roundup:

Veggie Holic
The chocolates, tarts, and cakes in the display fridge are mostly not vegan. (Depends on what’s in there- please ask the lady for specifics.)

Veggie Holic
The ‘manju’ you see in the middle is not vegan. The other two on the sides are ok.

Veggie Holic
Oatmeal cookies: not vegan

Veggie Holic
Pink flower cookies: not vegan

Veggie Holic
Black sesame seed crackers/croutons: not vegan

Veggie Holic
And y’all should know by now that these cookies with the ‘Cookie’ stickers are not vegan.

So yea…. those are the items to watch out for. While there are still a plethora of delicious vegan pastries and breads to choose from, and I still love this bakery, it’s somewhat disappointing to see them adding more and more non-vegan stuff to their menu. C’mon, Veggie Holic! After I went and put you on my ‘Best of 2010 List,’ why you gotta go and sneak animal products here and there? While I’ve posted pics of the ones to steer clear from, I would suggest that you just double-check with the lady at the counter whenever you buy anything, just to make sure you haven’t unknowingly picked up one of their new non-vegan shtuff, aiight? :) Coo~

And now here are some goodies that ARE cruelty-free:
Veggie Holic

Veggie Holic

Veggie Holic
pizza rolls!

Veggie Holic
I got one of their ‘Tofu Pizza Rolls’ (2,800 won) to eat at the cafe, as well as a ‘Corn Scone’ (1,800 won) to take home.

Veggie Holic
The pizza bread part was really soft and quite good, but I thought the tofu filling was a little bland. Still good though- a nice mid-afternoon snacky.

Natalie was also incredibly generous in sharing some raw kale chips that she brought with her from back home. I’d never had kale chips before!

They were yummmmy~~! Crispy, salty, and a little chewy from the nutritional yeast. Now I really wanna make my own. Unfortunately, I don’t have any nutritional yeast- it’s the one thing I didn’t stock up on while in Cali. Darn.

Natalie also gifted me with these two LaraBars: lemon & coconut cream, both new flavors for me! Thank you so, so much!!! Seriously, every time I meet a reader, I feel like it’s Christmas.

So that was my mini blogger meet-up. Natalie was super sweet and cool, and it was like meeting a kindred spirit. :) Hopefully we can meet up again before she takes off back to Vancouver! Or I’ll just have to visit that part of Canadia someday. :)


  1. ahhh i love corn bread! i actually JUST made my first vegan version yesterday!!! check my post:

    i didn't realize that korea would have so many vegan bread options. in nj though there are a lot of korean bakeries and cafes, the vegan options are slim pickings. mostly made with butter + flour + eggs!

  2. You can check iHerb for nutritional yeast!

  3. the cakes aren't vegan?? i bought a cake there around christmas and she said it was vegan.. however, i really don't recommend it.

  4. Hi Jennifer, it's possible that the cakes are always changing, so i'm sure your cake was vegan if she said it was. When I went, there was a sign on the fridge saying that the items in there were not vegan… I guess it's best to just always ask. :)

  5. I've never heard of pizza rolls before, but they look delicious!

  6. Hi, may I know what's the opening hours of this bakery?

  7. @AnonymousOpening Hours: Everyday 10AM-10PM

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