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Petra Restaurant @ Noksapyeong


Lately, I’ve been trying to reunite and catch up with different peeps, wish them a belated happy Christmas & New Year’s, and hand out some goodies I brought back with me from the States. On Thursday, I met up with long-time friend Sylvia. She was craving falafels and suggested we head to Petra in Noksapyeong. I’ve only been to the Petra Palace at Itaewon station, so I was thrilled to finally get the chance to visit the original, mother-restaurant.

There were so many vegan options to pick from, but in the end, here’s what we got:

Small Falafel Platter (5,000 won).

Olive Salad (5,000 won). This was a really light, fresh-tasting salad, with lettuce, cucumber chunks, tomato, and loads of black olives, drenched in an “arabian dressing.”

Em’nazala (6,000 won): roasted eggplant cooked with tomato and garlic. It was a toss-up between this or baba ganoush, but I went with this because its description sounded similar to the amazing ‘ikra’ I had at the Garden Grove Farmer’s Market in LA. And sure enough, it was pretty much the same dish- reeally yummy! Perhaps this one was slightly less intense in tomato-y flavor, but it was still delicious and paired wonderfully with the bread we ordered.

Bread, 1,000 won each.

Accompanying our orders, were these two small bowls of tadziki and chili sauce. Obvi, I didn’t have any of the yogurt, but I really liked the extra fiery kick I got from the chili sauce and couldn’t stop adding it to everything- just a tiny dollop went a long way!

All together now.

I thought the falafels were pretty good! Crunchy-fried on the outside, yet soft and delicate on the inside. I don’t like it when falafels are really dense and heavy on the inside, and these seemed lighter than the others I’ve tried. The flavor was on the milder, subtle side, but that wasn’t anything a little extra chili sauce couldn’t remedy.

Service could’ve been a little friendlier (the male owner/server seemed a little aloof and cold), but overall, the food was delicious and it made for a great lunch.

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Directions to Petra Restaurant
Noksapyong Station, exit 3. Take the overpass leading up to a hill and turn right. You will see Petra on top of the hill.


  1. i used to go to this place a lot back when i lived here around 2004. i remember they had hookahs, and on the bottom of the menu they had the phrase "smoke shisha, not hashisha" … it made me giggle.

  2. nice photos as usual! jealous that you guys got to hang out and eat there!!

  3. That is some tasty looking falafel!

  4. Mouth watering delicious food items!! I can’t express how much I enjoyed spending time here. I’ll visit Petra Restaurant someday soon to taste those foods. Thanks

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