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My Vegan Strawberry Shortcake at Haru!


vegan strawberry shortcake
I already posted something earlier this morning, but I simply have to blog about my vegan strawberry shortcake at Harunohee. It’s… the bombdiggidy. The vanilla-lemon cake is deliciously moist, the cashew cream is smooth, sweet and nutty, and the strawberries are plump and juicy! I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but toot, toot! ‘Dis is some good shtuff.

vegan strawberry shortcake
This will be available at the cafe today and tomorrow. How can you resist?!

thin mints
Also at the cafe, vegan thin mintz! They’re selling rather fast, so I’m gonna have to bake some more pretty soon~

thin mints
Mint & chocolate- such a great combo!

haru bibimbab
And I just had the vegan lunch special for today: fresh sprout bibimbab set.

haru bibimbab

Directions to Harunohee Cafe:
Gunja Station, Line 5&7, Exit 6. Walk straight for about 5 minutes. The cafe will be on your left.
Children’s Grand Park Station, Line 7, Exit 1. Walk straight for about 5 minutes. The cafe will be on your right.
Tel: 02-453-0508
Hours: 11am-11pm


  1. oh, i thnk my other comment was erased. but i was just saying that I'm SOO excited for your strawberry shortcake and glad that the testing was not for naught. hopefully i can make it out there tomorrow and try it!!!!

  2. @lilianHi LIlian! yes, you were the original inspiration~~ thanks! I hope you can make it out tomorrow!

  3. yum! what I would do for that strawberry cashew cream cupcake!!

    do you know of any vegan places in busan?

    It is such a struggle here not having an oven & easy access to health store foods!

    How do you do it!?!!

  4. I'm hoping to swing by tomorrow afternoon. Those thin mints and short cake better still be there! Ooo and the waffles.

  5. You really need to open up your own shop! Everything you make looks soooooooooo good.

  6. oh my, deliciousness. seriously, meeps!

  7. AHHH! When can I buy your recipe book?? You should start with a muffin collection. Haha..I can just see it now:Muffins From Another Planet-What an Alien eats for breakfast!!! Ok..I promise I'll stop trying to plan your future creative endeavors (*ahem* I still would like a little planner to match my calendar though!!^^)or giving you baking challenges..

  8. strawberry shortcake…it looks wonderful!! I haven't had that since I was a kid….great work^^!~~~ and toot away woman!!

  9. Toot away at that horn, that is a think of beauty!

  10. Think… thing… *headdesk*
    It's very pretty. :)

  11. The vegan strawberry shortcake looks tremendous!!
    The mint chocolate cookies look fabulous too.

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