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Vege Cafe: awesome new raw juice cafe!


Phew! What a minty weekend it’s been! Thank you to everyone who submitted orders for the vegan thin mint cookies. I literally juuuust finished making the final batch and they are chilling in the fridge so that the chocolate coating can set. I am officially thin minted-out! For this week at least. I’m sure I’ll be back to making more within a few days. teehee. Can’t get enough, I tell ya.

Anyhoo. I gotz loads of things I wanna blog about, but haven’t been able to sit down and formulate my thoughts and daily life experiences into any cohesive blog posts. I shall try to get this blog caught up to realtime soon!

Not sure if anyone has noticed lately, but I’ve been trying to make some improvements to this blog to be a better resource to veg*ans in Korea. I recently added “Veg Eateries” and “Resources & Links” pages at the top, under the main bannerhead. Hopefully it will help those looking for veg-friendly restaurants in Seoul, and for grocery shopping sites, etc. Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, advice, additional info, etc. I’m also hoping to add a FAQ page, but I’m pretty slow when it comes to blog-improvement so please be patient! :)

Vege Cafe
Speaking of veg eateries, I’m so excited to blog about this new cafe I found! I was at Cheonho station a few weeks ago for the ‘Speak’ art performance show I was in, and spotted this new cafe getting ready for their grand opening. Seeing the name of the cafe “Vege Cafe” definitely sparked my curiosity! I made a mental note to check it out once it officially opened, and finally was able to return to the area this week and see what they were all about.

Vege Cafe
So basically, this is almost an entirely raw juice cafe, serving up freshly squeezed fruit & veggie concoctions. They’re not a totally vegan cafe because they serve a few coffee drinks with dairy milk, but the vast majority of their offerings are raw vegan, which is so awesome! Just the fact that the 2 kind ladies behind the counter know the word “vegan” is a positive sign! :) They were both super friendly and helpful.

Vege Cafe
This sign says, “We do not add any water, syrup, sugar, colorings to our juices.” I dig it. The menu on the wall can be a bit tricky to figure out because it’s all in Korean, but you can get an English menu upon request, which has helpful descriptions of each juice, especially for the ones with bizzare names such as “Oli Va Diritto” or “Tutto Va Bene.” Say wat?? Anyway, strange names aside, I can’t wait to go back here and try the other juice concoctions!

Vege Cafe
I went with the “Leafy Green Health” juice, which is freshly juiced spinach, carrots, chicory, apples, and lemons. Totally raw, fresh, vegan, healthy, and good for you. Every time I drink veggie juices, I feel my cells come alive. I looooove it. This made me want to go home and bust out my own juicer that has been shoved in my closet for the past year or so. The serving is fairly small for its price (5,500 won), but the vibrant feeling you get makes every sip worth it (the other juices range in price from 5,500 – 7,500 won). The only problem is that I always feel like I have to guzzle raw juice down as fast as I can, before everything oxidizes and starts turning brown. I wish I could enjoy the juice for a longer time, at a slower pace, especially since I like to chill at cafes for a while.

Vege Cafe
The owner ladies were generous and also shared some sweetened organic black bean snacks which were really yummy.

Vege Cafe
Organic, vegan rice or black bean snack packages. They also have a couple English books on their shelves, and even one about eco dog care!

Some interior shots:
Vege Cafe
Vege Cafe
Free wifi available, as well as free PC usage. Go check this place out! :) Click here for more pics and a Korean menu.

Directions to Vege Cafe: Cheonho Station, Line 5&8, Exit 2. The cafe is right next to Exit 2.


  1. I used to have fresh raw juices all the time in VT…I'm too excited to check this place out^^*!~

  2. Hi, I've been reading your blog for sometime and I'm aboslutely in love with it. I've become a vegon just about a month ago and now that I'm back in Korea I'm finding it difficult to keep up with it. But your blog is an abosolute delight! Love your artwork too!

  3. vegan! not vegon :S lol

  4. @Jae Thanks so much! I'm so glad to hear that you've gone vegan~~ congrats on that!

  5. @VeganBeats vanessa. where did u move to? Are you still on our side of seoul? we should go to this cafe together sometime. when are u free??

  6. @MeepsI'm at 숭실대입구!!! In the 서초 area!! I work until 6 ish everyday, but I am down for anytime…what;s your schedule looking like?^^*!~

  7. @Meeps Thank you! I'm happy with the change as well, life suddenly seemed more satisfying lol

  8. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it. I'm a vegetarian in Japan so I have similar experiences looking for ingredients and whatnot.

    I'm going to Korea (Seoul and Busan) later this month so I'm hoping to go to some of the amazing cafes you write about (and English bookstores)! Keep up the interesting posts :)

  9. oops! i blew up the whole comment just a moment ago. sad… but anyways, HELLO~~ lately i'm not really around so i wasn't able to meet you but i'm one of the VEGECAFE girls! Thank you so much about posting such a nice and thorough review of our cafe! i;m so happy and excited and i can't wait to meet you! (too much out there?lol)
    well i'm not so sure if my sisters had a chance to say, but VEGECAFE is totally 'English available' when i'm around! (hhmph!lol) anyways, thanks again, for really understanding our juice! since we've opened, there have been only few people that understood that there's (probably) no other cafe that sells wholesome raw, fresh vegetable-fruit juice! I wish i can talk to you sometime!

  10. hey mari! i'll be visiting pretty often, so i'm sure i'll get to meet you at some point! Great to hear from you. love the cafe.

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