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Gusttimo Gelato


Gustimo Gelato
Was at Lotte Department Store over the weekend and couldn’t resist treating myself to some dairy-free gelato from Gusttamo. I checked the list of ‘Fruit gelato’ to see which ones didn’t have any milk (there’s quite a lot of options!), and went with the Fruiti di Bosco which is made with red raspberry and bokbunja (Korean wild black raspberry).

Gustimo Gelato
Love the deep red velvet color. Since it was just before closing time, everything was discounted, so I got a small cup for 2,000 won, rather than the regular 3,500-something price. score! :)

Gustimo Gelato
This was so yummy!! I loved the crunchiness of the raspberry seeds, and the sweet, tart flavor.

Gustimo Gelato
I’ll probably end up trying all the other vegan flavors over the course of this summer. The mango and pineapple ones were especially calling to me.


  1. i didn't know there are vegan options!
    is it at starcity? if it is, i will go there after class today!
    wow i've been craving ice cream, but couldn't get vegan one so i haven't eaten any since i went vegan. thanks<3

  2. That looks nice :D Reminds me my local ice cream parlor has quite a few vegan options recently, they even write it's vegan on the description. I think lime and hazelnut are my current 2 best favorites. It's great so many places have vegan options, maybe often accidental, but not only. Looking more closely and staying open minded for positive surprises pays off :)

  3. @freesia yes, i went to the one at star city. :)

  4. Hello:) I am Karen Han from Korea. I am from Seoul~ but stayed in the UK and Aussie for more than 10 years and now back home in Seoul. Did you know that Gusttimo is now newly opened in Itaewon exit 3? Come and try more flavors at Itaewon~~~

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