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First things first. This year, I have been included in 10 Magazine’s poll for ‘Best expat blogger in Korea‘! :) Would you do me the ultimate honor and vote for me? I’ll send you virtual vegan brownies and lots of happy thoughts. Before you vote though, you have to create an account with 10 Mag and confirm an email. It’s a bit of a hassle, but it really only takes 2 minutes. Seriously, how cool would it be for a vegan blog to beat out all the others? The poll closes on Thursday, September 15th. Muchas gracias.

So I’ve been in Cheonan almost a week now and so far so good. It’s really quiet living here in the boonies, but I’m breathing lots of fresh air… and eating loads of yummy home cookin’. I feel really lucky in that whenever I’m home, my parents eat almost all-vegan food with me. In my opinion, my mom is the best cook in the whole wide world (I might be a tad biased), and she always has a bunch of vegan banchans stored in her fridge. My dad also never complains about going meatless whenever I’m around. hehe. I love my parents so much and their support of my veganism means more than they probably know.

Yesterday’s lunch. Baby goguma (Korean sweet potatoes), lentil soup, sweet n salty kidney bean banchan, raw kelp with ssamjang dip, perilla leaves banchan.

Another meal consisted of gondeurae (wild mountain greens) rice with red beans, lentil soup, pickled garlic cloves and cucumbers, and Korean jeon (pancakes).

A cabbage slaw topped with noodles, pickled cucumber kimchi, black sesame seeds, drizzled with a soysauce-sesame oil dressing.

The mornings here in Cheonan have been a bit nippy (fall is on the way!), so my breakfasts have been hot oatmeal porridge. This one has walnuts, dried figs, and black sesame seeds on top.

Even though I’m just temporarily living in Cheonan and haven’t even unpacked my suitcase, I’m still running my little bake shop. The only thing that has changed is that the quick-delivery option is temporarily unavailable while I’m in Cheonan. Other than that, it’s business as usual!

I recently ordered some nice new boxes for my packages.

Ready to be delivered to your doorstep. :)

Oh, and I’ve started painting again! I’m going to have a few pieces in an exhibition at the Laughing Tree Lab, to celebrate the official launching of AWEH. I’ll post more info on this soon, but for now, check the FB event page! :)


  1. Created an account and voted! I hope you win! :)

  2. Congratulations on the blogger nod. ^^
    The food looks fantastic. It's nice that you have such wonderful support of your veganism.

  3. good job on the packaging and cute turquoise owl! :)

    i'll have to vote too!

  4. I just voted for you (and according to the polls, you're in the lead^^)!!! WOOO!!! After I voted, I perused some of your older entries. It reminded me of when I first arrived in Korea (eeeek…almost three years ago!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!! haha), and EVERYONE (even vegans from back home) told me that I was going to have to revert to being a vegetarian while living here. As much as I was determined to stick to my beliefs, I felt lost and frustrated trying to navigate my way through Korean food. Upon discovering your blog, it was an immediate encouragement!! Through your writing, I've acquired quite a bit of knowledge about K-dishes^^!! When people ask me for veggie advice, I ALWAYS direct them to check out your writing… I'm sincerely excited for what will open in your future~your bake shop expanding, your artwork exploding, and heaps of peeps discovering this AWESOME blog!! You're a gem Miss Mipa~

  5. @Tiffany Thanks! It's nice to be included in the poll this year! :)

  6. @patty and the beanstalk Wow, Patty! Your words made my day. Yea, i can't believe this blog is still going strong, and I'm having a blast doing it. I always feel like I could do more to help people navigate the vegan scene here, but I'm thankful to know that I was a source of encouragement for you. :)

  7. I voted, and you are doing awesome at the moment! I really do hope that you win. I think your blog is so positive and inspiring :)

  8. I've voted as well, and all I can say is you well deserve the result I've seen!

  9. Can you post your mother's recipe for the Korean jeon ? I have yet to find a vegan recipe for it :/

  10. Wow! I hope you win the poll!

    I'm finding myself mesmerized by that porridge!

  11. Thank you everyone for voting! Still a few days left. :) I gotz my and toes crossed!

  12. I went to the site to vote but I couldn't get the site to work. The link brought up the page but nothing was on it but comments.

  13. @Genki Kitty Hm… yea, I think several people were having problems. Thanks for trying though! I appreciate your support~~ :)

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