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This is a bit old, but a few weeks ago, some friends and I were wandering around Hongdae looking for dinner and we ended up at a Noodle Box joint. There are a few locations around Seoul, including one right by Itaewon station.

They serve southeast asian food like pad thai and vietnamese-style noodles, and everything is always served in takeout boxes, even if you’re eating in. It’s a fun gimmick, but once the meal is over, you’re left with a table covered with trash. It’s a lot of unnecessary waste when you could just enjoy your dish from a washable plate. Hm… not such an environmentally friendly concept.

They prides themselves on their healthy menu and quick service. However, I think their menu falls short on the veg*an front. The only potentially vegetarian item is their Bun Bo Xao (5,700 won), which is a cold noodle dish with pineapples, carrot, onions, and cucumber, and some traditional Vietnamese sauce. I would’ve ordered this, but they were out of the necessary ingredients (weird since there’s not a whole lot that goes into it anyway), so I ended up modifying their pad thai dish (no shrimp or eggs).

Not a whole lot of ingredients left in the end. haha. Taste-wise, it was decent. It definitely could’ve had more colorful veggies like the photo on their website shows, but it was aiight and I didn’t feel too bad about it since it was cheap (6,700 won).

For more info on locations and menu, check their website.


  1. i like the takeaway box.

  2. I would suggest BAO instead of this place. I tried it and was disappointed by the lack of veggies. Bao, on the other hand, is great (although I still take it home and add more veggies to make it last a few meals).

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