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Last week I went to Cheonan to help with the annual gimjang kimchi undertaking. My aunt was also making a ton of kimchi for her sister and friend, so we shared the workload. Her kimchi wasn’t vegan, but my mom made a separate kimchi paste that was animal-free, just for me. I really need to post a proper recipe for vegan kimchi some day, but my mom always just eyeballs all the measurements so it’s a bit hard to keep track….

The vegan kimchi paste

IMG_9348.jpg IMG_9357.jpg
If kimchi were a currency, I’d be ballin’ wid my giant tubs of vegan kimch’ yo!

My own, my prrrecious. Yea, I get a bit protective over kimchi. I think I’m actually eating a bit too much these days that it’s not going to last me all winter. Must ration…

Little bit of ddeok for a snack

I also took some tempeh to Cheonan for my parents to try for their first time. My mom sauteed it with some other veggies and it was delicious!

Vegan jeon pancakes.

We also tried making yakbab with brown rice, but it didn’t quite turn out right because we didn’t soak or cook the rice long enough. As a result, the rice was a bit on the tough side, but it still tasted yummy~ I love yakbab! It’s like an energy bar or a portable snack, but it’s not something I buy often because it’s typically made with white rice. If I get ever get around to trying it again with brown rice, i’ll definitely share it on here!

Vegan dwenjang jjigye. One of my favorite Korean comfort foods.

Here’s today’s lunch. Rice, sauteed veggies, tempeh bacon (again), and gim.

If you can’t tell, I’m totally addicted to tempeh these days. I have it almost every day! So stoked that the FFM started selling it.

Dotori mook salad with kimchi, gim, and sesame oil.

And here’s my latest order from iHerb. :) 2 packs of sorghum flour (for gluten-free experiments, hehe), aluminum-free baking soda, rooibos tea, and organic vanilla extract. Don’t we all love this site? It’s a godsend for us expats in Korea….

Aiights people. That’s all for today. Happy Friday!!! I’m gonna go snuggle with Bunny now.

Ps. Don’t forget to submit your entry for the ‘Best of 2011’ Seoul Survey! And thanks to those who have already done it. So far, some interesting results!


  1. Wow, I dream of the day when I get to see that much kimchi all at once. : )

  2. I always drool over your food pics

  3. You are making me hungry, very hungry (specially the ddeok and the dwenjang jjigye). Will search your blog to see if you have recipes up for them.

    I hope you will post a kimchi recipe some time. Pretty please (-: I really,really like that your mom is happy to veganise for you – so sweet of her.

    Love tempeh as well! I love tofu, but I think I love tempeh just a tiny little bit more.

  4. What is "FFM"?

  5. ~ loads of hearts flowing this side for you girl!! Everything looks great…the 김치 makes me wiggle, and the 도토리묵 makes me squeal! I hope to see you before I peace!!!

  6. @buffaloabroad The Foreign Food Mart in Itaewon. :)

  7. @VeganBeats haha, i knew you'd get excited over the dotori mook. :) xoxo

  8. Mmm! I made kimchi (veg) with friends last weekend, too. It turned out extra-delicious. I think it was because this time (we do it every few months) it was actually "kimjang season" instead of our own dumb "Western" schedule. ;-)

    I like how you have the li'l radishes tucked in snugly with big sister (brother?) baechu kimchi in that one box. Yummm. Big fan of kkakdugi here.

  9. Why did you by aluminium free baking soda and rooibus tea from iherb? You can get those in Korea.

  10. I bought the tempeh and didn't see 'organic' anywhere…It was delicious, but I'm not sure if I should be concerned that the beans are GMO. Malaysia is getting soybeans from the US and that probably means Monsanto.

  11. The vegan kimchi paste looks awesome! :DDD If your mom just eyeballs the ingredients, maybe you can measure the weights of the ingredients before and after she uses each one! hahahaaa the thought just came to me randomly.

    Is it white radish and green radish that's being used to make kimchi?

  12. @Adeana yea, they're not organic, unfortunately….

  13. @Anonymous It was just white radish, but some parts of it were green. :P

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