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Bread for breakfast


It was late last night and I was feeling antsy, but didn’t want to go to bed, so I proceeded to make bread. There’s really something so therapeutic about mixing, kneading, and then seeing the dough rise and expand. I would really love to bake more bread this year. I just love the process and that fresh baked bread aroma that fills the apartment. I pretend that I’m some rustic bread baker in the countryside as I throw flour around and get my hands sticky with dough. Most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing or how the loaf is going to turn out, but I just go with it and hope for the best. No two loaves come out exactly alike, for me anyway, but even when it doesn’t come out quite right, I still feel proud for trying.

Here’s my latest bread attempt. I used this recipe for reference, but changed it slightly. I made mine with a mix of Korean-grown whole wheat flour and some Rob’s Red Mill stone ground whole wheat flour. I also added whole flax seeds and chopped walnuts for some crunch, and dried cranberries for a little sweetness. Oh, and I used molasses instead of honey.

So round and plump, I just want to swaddle it in a blanket like a baby.

I probably could’ve baked it a little longer, because the inside was ever so slightly on the moist side, but it still came out pretty good. Dense, chewy, and robust.

Chewy slices with a shmear of homemade pumpkin butter.

Yay, this should last me a few breakfasts. Also, I’m sooo glad I added the cranberries and walnuts. They’re a stellar combo.


  1. Yum! That look and sounds delish x x

  2. first, I thought it was mustard spread! the spread is in such a beautiful yellow.

  3. @E's Note thanks! hehe, nope, definitely not mustard. :)

  4. that bread looks amazing! i was wondering what you use to bake. that sounds like an odd question but 99% of all korean kitchens, that i know of, don't have any ovens. thanks in advance!

  5. What is the Korean for 'Korean-grown whole wheat flour'? I thought I bought some the other day but sadly I was mistaken :(

  6. I use my small electric oven. you can see a picture of it here.

  7. To say "Korean-grown," you can say "우리나라" or "국내." And whole wheat flour is "통밀가루". You can see an image of the brand I use here:

    It's called "우리밀 통밀가루"

  8. yummm..cranberries, walnuts and pumpkin puree! sounds like a perfect combination…and that first photo looks amazing :)

  9. Thank you! I went to shop after I wrote this and realized I bought pastry flour before, woops. My bread dough is rising as we speak! Hopefully, I'll be eating fresh bread for a post dinner snack.

  10. that's awesome! hope u post it on your blog~

  11. Mmm, I just had my first bite, its so good! Thanks! I love your blog.

    I had problems finding the best oven temperate. I originally set the temp to 450F/230c and the loose flour burned filling my apartment with smoke but the bread cooked beautifully in 10 mins. I set the oven to 200C for the next loaf and the bread cooked in 20 mins but it didn't brown as well and feels really firm. Any suggestions? Maybe 215c for 15 mins next time?

  12. The recipe are so nice They look amazing and they would be a perfect breakfast on the go for me…

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