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I already posted this on the FB page, but last week I was in the Insadong area and passed by this brand new Maoz Vegetarian location! Maoz finally in Korea! I haven’t tried it yet, but from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty Koreanized…. Anyway, check out their website for more info. I think there are several other locations set to open in Seoul soon, which is pretty exciting!

Directions to Maoz by Insadong: Anguk station, Line 3, Exit 6. Walk straight and pass the entrance to Insadong road. Cross the street and Maoz is on the corner.


  1. Amazing! I love Maoz in Philadelphia; can't wait to eat here. This is one of the best additions to eating in Seoul in a long long time.

  2. @Michael you're from philly too? miss it….

  3. omg! they have these in D.C. can hardly wait to try it here. thanks!

  4. There's one in Jongja too :) It's in poll position near the station facing the road. I haven't tried Maoz yet – but I've heard only good things.

  5. Hi Mipa, I hate to ask this, but I can't tell from the web site: what time does it close? I am going to Seoul tomorrow night, and I arrive at 10. I would LOVE to go after I arrive. I'm hoping it stays open late like all the Maoz in the rest of the world. Thanks for checking!

  6. couldn't find the times either. i don't think it will be open too late though, as most restaurants in that area end service around 9-10. :( Not sure though….

  7. Thanks, Mipa! I've got my co-workers calling, but they aren't picking up the phone! I appreciate it. I'm loving my baked goodies.

  8. Tried the Jeongja branch, but undewhelmed. Flat, tepid falafels almost like donggrang-tang. Sadly it didn't compare to the ones elsewhere in the world… Btw I just discovered your blog today and I'm digging it !

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  10. I tried to eat here today, and I’m sorry to report the location near Insadong is closed now. A subway seems to be opening instead.

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