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National Foods Mart in Itaewon


Looks like there’s a new foreign food mart in town. National Foods Mart is directly across the street from the other ‘original’ foreign food mart in Itaewon that we all know and are familiar with. The store is fairly small but is packed with plenty of good products and seems way more organized. Everything has a price sticker, and they actually have cash registers that accept credit cards- some things that the FFM is lacking. (*update* the FFM has renovated and now accept credit cards.)

In terms of products, they have the basics covered like spices, canned and dried beans and lentils, imported snacks, fruit preserves, cereals, and even tempeh. They may not have some of the obscure products that the FFM carries, but I’m sure they’ll continue to add things to their inventory over time.


Directions: Itaewon Station, Exit 3. Walk straight and turn right at the end of the block. Walk up the hill and the store will be on your right.


  1. I love interior shots of grocery stores for some reason

  2. Brilliant stuff, good find Mipa! Will be hot to trot there very soon!! :) How expensive are the stuffs there compared to FFM, in particular the tempeh? Do they stock Seitan or any other TVP or Soy Protein stuffs?


  3. @foodfeud haha, i'm exactly the same way… :P

  4. @Nat LD didn't get a chance to look closely at the prices. I did notice that their dried mung beans were slightly more expensive, but they also looked like higher quality. Didn't see any soy/wheat meat…

  5. But the important question is — do they sell men's underarm deoderant?

  6. @wetcasementshaha! good question… :P no idea.

  7. Love the blog, Mipa, as always! I went to the NFM today and never did get across the street to the FFM. One correction, though… they don't have tempeh; neither of the guys working there knew what tempeh is. That aside, the review is spot on.

  8. @Stephen Jreally? i saw tempeh in the fridge when i went there last week. it was the same one that is sold at the FFM.

  9. I guess they might have had it and not known it, though I didn't see it either…

  10. do you think the prices will go down, now that there is a second shop close by which sells almost the same?
    I think I will go there on Saturday to have a look at both shops :) Actually I never was in Itaewon :D
    Thanks for the post. I really like your Blog to find out about good food :)

  11. They definitely have tempeh–it's only 2000 won. They also have tvp for the same prie.

  12. Do you think it's the same owners??? The product is almost identical!

  13. @Ange hm, i don't think so…. they probably sell similar products because there aren't that many options in Korea… :P

  14. Helo… “accept credit cards- some things that the FFM is lacking”. This is not correct because I bought goods from FFM with my Credit card. Now they accept all credit and cash cards and Recently FFM become bigger.. They have many kinds of items with cheap price… I also saw that FFM try to go online marketing and they lunch a web site, which address is… More Marts is good for us we can compare and buy our goods with cheap price.

    • At the time this blog post was written, they did not accept credit cards. They have recently expanded the store and upgraded their checkout system.

    • I AGREE WITH MILON! I always go to foreign food mart and they accept credit cards

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  16. @Milon @Mipa I AGREE WITH MILON! I always go to foreign food mart and they accept credit cards. Please don’t put random informations without knowing enough. I am very disappointed. And UPGRADE THE INFORMATION! This site is not reliable enough -____________- Thank you

    • As I already mentioned in response to Milon, since the publishing of this blog post, the Foreign Food Mart has renovated and upgraded it checkout system so they now accept credit cards. In the past though, they did not. Therefore, what I wrote was not “random information.”

      And by the way, this is a personal blog about life as a vegan in Korea and it is a hobby. I try to provide useful information for other expats here as much as I can, but this is not something I get paid to do. I can update the blog as much or as little as I desire. If you find the blog to be unreliable, feel free to get your information elsewhere.

  17. So, is this just around the corner from what a book?

    • Hi Daniel,
      No… What the Book is no longer on this side of Itaewon. It is located on Itaewon road, on the same side as Hamilton Hotel, but further down towards Noksapyeong station.

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