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High Street Market in Itaewon


Finally got to visit High Street Market a few weeks ago. Even though it’s been open for over a year now, I only just got around to checking it out! Slow poke.

They’re most well-known for their gourmet deli section with fresh bread, imported cheese and deli meats. The whole arrangement and ambiance of the shop is rustic, charming, and homey. The outside banner is rather unassuming and tends to blend in with all the other visual noise, so it’s easy to skip by it and not know this place exists.

Inside, the store design has a country-barn feel to it with wooden box displays, chalk boards, barrels, and bulk bins. Being surrounded by almost all imported products, hearing English from other customers, and reading English menu boards, makes you forget for a moment that you’re still in Korea.

Admittedly, High Street Market is not quite as exciting for us vegans as it probably is for omnivores who will love this place for all the gourmet cheeses and deli meats and sandwiches. Most of the vegan products they have are the standard items you can find at other supermarkets, like salsa, nachos, crackers, or oats. I also think the prices are slightly steeper, compared to say, the Foreign Food Mart. But if you dig around a bit and look hard enough, you can find some special goodies to take home.

Crofter’s jam (also available at most department stores).

They have a small section of bulk bins with rice, beans, and oatmeal so you can pay by weight.

Nature Valley granola bars.

IMG_2822.jpg IMG_2826.jpg
In addition to all the canned goods and snacks, they also have a wine selection, a fridge of imported beers and fruit juices, and also some baking and cooking pans.

Please check website to order online, or for more info and a map.
High Street Market
Directions: Itaewon station, Line 6, Exit 2. Walk straight for 5-7 minutes. HSM will be on your left, on the 2nd floor, right by the main intersection.
737-21 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


  1. Fascinating. Such elaborate displays of seemingly common Western products.

  2. The Oat & Honey ones are vegan if you're a vegan doesn't mind honey.

  3. Did you stop into FFM also? They're expanding! Took over the entire space next door. MAYBE they'll have more room for vegan goodies now. I'm fantasizing about yogurt…

  4. NO, haven't been to the FFM in 2 weeks or so. That's exciting though~ It's always sooo packed in there…

  5. did i see a photo of raw kale chips!? in korea? YAY!!!

  6. Yes cibo i think you did see thwm chips!

  7. Honestly, it looks a high class black market store. The prices are very high, too.

  8. High import taxes make all imported foods more expensive in Korea… Those who think High Street is more expensive than the other guys are just not paying attention ! Ever try to buy fresh meats at FFM ? Or wine for 8,900 & 9,900 a bottle (or any wine for that matter) ? Spices in small bottles or even a large selection of cheeses ? Fresh baked breads ? Plus they greet me with a smile, all prices are clearly marked and the store smells and feels, well, nice…

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