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Today is this blog’s 3-year anniversary! In some ways, I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years, but then in other ways, I feel like it should be longer! So much has happened since the beginning and I feel like I’m a completely different person from who I was back in the beginning. Well, I just wanna say that I’m grateful for you readers out there who keep tuning in and for those who take time to write me nice comments. :)

And coincidentally, the Chincha?! blog just posted an interview of me for their ‘blogger of the week’ series. I’m honored to be featured! Chincha?! is a really great site and they’re always sharing hip and exciting upcoming events in Seoul, so check ’em out.

Anyway, Happy 3 Year anniversary to all of us aliens out there, exploring this world one day at a time. Let’s continue to be fearless in the kitchen, nourish our bodies and those we love, and live every day like it’s a precious gift.

I leave you with a photo of today’s breakfast: springtime strawberry scones with homemade kumquat jam.



  1. Congrats on this milestone! Thank you for sharing your experience and journey with us. As a Korean vegetarian (lacto) living in the states, I am truly living vicariously through you! When I read your blog, I don't feel so homesick. I know it takes a tremendous amount of time and discipline to keep a blog going so hats off to you!

  2. congratulations, mipa!!! i'm so grateful for your blog during my many visits to korea ^_^ i hope i will get to meet up with you again someday soon!!!

  3. congratulations!

  4. Yay!!! Happy 3rd year Anniversary!!! ^^ <3

  5. HAPPY 3 YEARS!!! keep on loving what you do sis :)

  6. Happy 3rd anniversary! Although I don't always comment, I love your blog!

  7. Your blog is fantastic, mipa, cheers to 3 years! i am so grateful that you inspire me to be a fearless, compassionate, and curious alien. Mmm, strawberry scones! ah and kumquat jam must be amazing, i bet paddington bear would totally trade in some of his treasured orange marmalade for it.

  8. Thank you everyone! Appreciate all of your readership and interest!

    @ Teasnob: Yea, blogging takes a lot of time (especially for me, who's a slow writer, hehe). I never thought I would really be a serious blogger when I started, but look at me now. It's become such a big part of my life! :)

    @Kspar66: My mom made the kumquat jam– it's really good…. And hopefully I'll get around to posting the recipe for the scones soon~ thanks for the comment!

  9. Woohoo! Happy anniversary! I absolutely love your blog (and your rabbit, hehe).

  10. Happy 3 years! I have been an admirer of your blog, and you've inspired me to start my own! Those strawberry scones look delicious and so fresh-yum!

  11. 찐자야? 축하합니다! :D Thanks for all the good online times, Mipa! :)

  12. ha ha, I misspelled jinjja. Whatta dope.

  13. Congratulations! Happy 3rd Anniversary! Keep up the awesome work! :-)

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