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Prime L Organic Soy Bean Milk


I recently ordered this box of Prime-L organic soy milk from Lotte Mart’s online store. Orgarrrrnic! You would think that Lotte would have a spellchecker for their packaging… le sigh, Korea….

Two boxes with 16 small 200ml cartons costs 15,000 won, so each mini carton is about 469won. Not bad, eh? Even though I ordered mine online, I’m sure you could find it at a Lotte supermarket or department store.

Ingredients list etc. Too much to translate, but as far as I can tell, there aren’t any animal ingredients in this… no D3 either.

Nutritional Info: 125cal, 9g carbs, 7g protein, 7g fat.

I have to say, I really like this soy milk. It’s perhaps a little on the sweet side but it has a delicious nutty taste and a great smooth texture. It also mixes well with coffee without curdling, unlike some other soy milks I’ve tried here. And ofcourse, the biggest plus is that it’s orgarnic and cheaper than the Yonsei organic soy milk. Shweet!


  1. great! I’ll try this one out.. as I haven’t found my favourite soymilk yet. I’m drinking SamYook atm, but sometimes it tastes a tad bit bitter :S

  2. Hee hee, I was going to make fun of you for spelling it “organic” at the end, but then I went back up and looked at those pictures of the box. :) It’s catching!

    Mmm, looks very creamy and yummy.

  3. p.s. Hey, new avatars! I like mine. It looks like me when I’m “tolerating” the people around me on the bus or train.

  4. Have you tried this with cereal?….i’m looking for some orgaarrnic milk for my cereal……any advice would be much appreciated…..

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