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Random Eats

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Here are some random things I’ve been eating lately…

Yesterday I stopped by the Chinese market in my area and bought some steamed buns. 2 plumpy buns for 1,000. They’re probably completely nutritionally vacant and made with less than quality ingredients, but I wanted to try em out. I went through a phase in college when I was addicted to steamed buns from Philly’s Chinatown, so these took me right back. I asked the lady if they contained any eggs, milk, butter, etc, and she said something to the effect of “Ofcourse not!” and looked at me like I was crazy for asking such a thing. hehe…. i had to ask. :)

I also got one of the steamed red bean buns. It was decent. The bun was denser than I expected, but the sweet red bean filling made up for it.

I had the plain bun with some sauteed veggies and kabocha. It was okay… nothing to rave about.

Some other random eats…. banana oats and fruit for breakfast.

You know you’re Korean when your mom mails you a giant tub of homemade kimchi. This year, my mom discovered the wonders of Korean postal service and has been taking advantage of it by sending me freshly made kimchi whenever she can. It’s like a Korean version of a care package and practically every other Korean ajoom’ does this. She just wraps tape around the lid, puts it in a plastic bag, and then places that in a sturdy box or insulated cooler box and sends it on its way.

I’m kimchi-rich! Booja~~ Thanks umma.  Things like this make me grateful to be living in the same country as my parents. :)

Here’s a low-carby lunch… kimchi stir fried with sesame oil, veggies, and tofu.

Another meal… Rice and curry with yellow pickled radish and gim. And yes, I tend to eat in front of my computer a lot, as you can tell by how many times my keyboard appears in this post.

I’ve also been baking here and there. :)

More chocolate muffins for a snack. I made these low fat so the cake stuck to the paper more than usual. It was still tasty though and satisfied the chocolate craving.

Last but not least, someone requested a birthday cake similar to the one I made here, only bigger. Chocolate cake on the inside with buttercream frosting and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Speaking of cake and baked goodies… don’t forget about the Bake Sale on May 5th! Let us know you’re coming on the FB event page. :)

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  1. That kimchi looks soooo good! MMMmm. I love kimchi when it’s fresh-fresh-fresh. But I guess it’s probably not as good for you as if you wait for it to ferment more. :( And I see the talent for cutie-pie wrapping and packaging runs in the family. :)

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