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Sights of Seoul


Last week I got to see a concert by the Ehwa Uni Orchestra at the Seoul Arts Center with a friend. I should really go there more often because it’s such a peaceful area and they always have awesome exhibitions or performances going on. Also, if you go at the right time, you get to see the fountain show set to classical music.

The weather was so nice that people were chilling outside on the fake lawn.


Wine, coffee, and chocolate muffins. On astroturf. classy. Anyway, it was a fun time and the orchestra performance was great. I tend to fall asleep when listening to classical music, but I stayed awake through the whole thing and actually really enjoyed it. :)

I also got out of my hermit cubby hole and spent some time outside. In my option, last week was the best week for running in Seoul! So many cherry blossoms lining the sidewalks, and pink petals at your feet. It definitely motivated me to lace up and get out the door. If only it could last longer than one week.

Boramae Park. If you look veerrrry closely at the bottom right corner of the photo, there’s a butt-nekked man in the pond…! I didn’t realize this when I took the photo, but later noticed that everyone was staring at this man wading around in the water. At first I thought it was just funny, but then later realized that the man probably had mental issues. :( I left just as security came rushing to the scene to pull him out. He sure gave all the elderly folk something to look at during their morning walk.

There’s also a Buddhist temple at Boramae Park.


Not sure why there’s a rooster, but he made me smile… I wish I lived close enough to hear it crow in the morning because it would remind me of living in Ghana and when roosters were our alarm clock.

And then over the weekend it was raining non-stop, but I had to make a delivery to this Korean traditional ‘hanok’ house where David Kilburn (British journalist) and his wife live. They were hosting a musical art performance by vegan & musical composer extraordinaire Jee Soo Shin and some other talented artists, and I was lucky enough to provide them with some cakes. I couldn’t stay for the performance, but the hanok house was soooo tranquil and lovely. And the rain just enhanced its beauty.

Apparently, this neighborhood (Gahoedong, near Samcheongdong) is the last district of traditional homes in Seoul. It didn’t even occur to me that these traditional houses are disappearing, as they are gradually being torn down to be replaced with modern buildings. How sad would it be to lose something that has been a part of Seoul for so long? Anyway, I was really inspired just by being in that space.

Next, I had to grab some supplies at Bangsan baking market, and while I was there I went across the stream to the GwangJang Market to find some shelter from the rain and check out the street food.

Bibimbab stall.

Anyway. that’s all for now. I’m getting hungry looking at those mountains of banchan! Happy hump day…


  1. Hallo Mipa,

    I really appreciate your reportages and recipes. I’ve just started blogging and added you in my list of favourites.
    I hope to see you at

    dr Caligari

  2. Thanks so much for linking to Jee Soo Shin website! Other than that it’s cool that she’s vegan, I was thrilled to discover she splits her time between Seoul and London and apparently has some concerts scheduled here this year!

    I’m so going to try to attend (because unlike you I don’t fall asleep when listening to classical music ;-) ).

    • hehe, yup, I believe she will be going back and forth for a bit in the near future. She’s really nice and so talented! :)

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