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Beesket Smoothies @ Jongak


Now that it’s practically summertime, I’m just dreading the Korean humidity and stickiness. I don’t know about you, but one way I plan on cooling myself down this summer is to enjoy plenty of cool refreshing smoothies. For those in Korea, if you don’t have a blender to make your own, there’s always Smoothie King and even Jamba Juice which has started setting up shops around Seoul. But have you been to Beesket? Beesket is quite possibly the coolest, most fun smoothie bar ever!

According to their signage, they don’t use sugar, powder, or additives in any of their smoothies. I like.

When you first walk in, it’s a bit confusing… There are just so many different colors, plastic tubes that look like lipstick, and lots of women. Is this a smoothie bar or a makeup shop? Where am I??

The way it works is you pick up a tiny plastic honeycomb, and then you go around the room choosing the ingredients you want and sliding the markers into the honeycomb basket. You basically get to create your own smoothie concoction. Bee + Basket= Beesket. Get it?

In addition to the typical fruit options, you can add some healthy veggies to your smoothie, such as broccoli, red cabbage, paprika, kidney beans….

….chestnut, sweet potato, pumpkin, tomato, etc.

My choices weren’t very unique or interesting… just a regular fruit smoothie with mango, melon, and strawberries. Next time I’ll have to be a little more daring with my picks.

If you’re totally overwhelmed with all the choices, they have a few suggestions or Best Sellers that you can try out.

After carefully picking out your smoothie ingredients, you take your honeycomb beesket to the counter where they scan your selection. What’s cool is that on the screen, you can see the exact calorie count of your drink as well as a breakdown of the nutrients and vitamins.

My mango, melon & strawberry smoothie was 162 calories. The base cost of each smoothie is 5,600won, and then depending on what ingredients you pick, the total might be more. My smoothie cost 6,400won because of the mango (500won) and melon (300won)…. eep!

Abigail’s sweet pumpkin, strawberry, and pear smoothie was 143 calories, 5,900 won.

If you’re not in the mood for a smoothie, you can also get your drink as an ‘ade with fizzy soda, or you can have yogurt added. And ofcourse, if you’re someone who hates fruit and veggies, you can also get coffee or tea.


IMG_4824.jpgSitting area

Both of our smoothies tasted really great and refreshing. I couldn’t really taste the individual fruits, but the combined result was yummy~ My only main gripe about Beesket is that the smoothies are pretty small considering the steep price. I guess you pay more for the experience of picking out the ingredients and coming up with your very own personal smoothie formula. Yes, it’s basically just a gimmick, but if it encourages people to be healthier and enjoy organic, natural foods, then I reckon it’s cool beans.

Check Beekset’s Website for more info, directions and map.


  1. Love the honeycomb create-your-own-smoothie idea! You seem to have the coolest cafés & places in Seoul.

    Can you have more than three ingredients in a smoothie?

    Never heard of pumpkin in a smoothie either. Was it raw pumpkin?

    • Hey Alua! Hm, don’t see why you couldn’t have more than three ingredients! :) You probably have to pay a little more though. Also, I’m not sure whether the pumpkin was raw… I’ll have to ask next time. It tasted good though!

  2. a tisket, a tasket, a make your own smoothie in a beesket…

  3. OMG that is soo creative!! Great to see a healthy-eating movement in Korea :D (Well Koreans were always into the whole health thing…haha;;)

  4. Woah that is so cool
    I make smoothies at home all the time but this is an interesting concept. I might have to visit just for the experience!
    your pictures are giving me ideas for my next smoothie recipes hehe

  5. OMG, cute cute cute. My gosh, the displays are so inventive. It’s like playing Trivial Pursuit with fruits and vegetables. So foreigner-friendly as well. And at the end you win a delicious blender drink. ;-)

  6. cute concept! its like when kids play house and pretend to drink tea and eat with their plastic cups and food haha :D but whats up with the interior lighting?

  7. I absolutely love this! I’m planning on moving back to Seoul at the end of the year and was wondering what my healthy food choices were… (when I studied abroad there, I didn’t quite eat incredibly healthfully… and ate at my family’s place a lot, which included a lot of rice… but healthy sides, like tofu and pickled veggies). I’m guessing I’ll have to bring my own flaxseed, chia seeds, quinoa, protein powder and stevia though?

    I love that you have a list of Vegan restaurants on your blog as well – thank you so much! I’m not vegan, but I looove vegan meals/clean eating. I’m planning on doing a Vegan challenge for two weeks. :)

    • …I just started following your blog and found the post on finding flaxseeds and the vegans moving to korea: what to pack, which help answer my question. I guess I should bring my own almond milk… haha. Or possibly make my own. Hmm. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Anna Marie for your comment! You can find flaxseeds more easily these days, such as at the Foreign Food Mart, or online. Quinoa is also available at EMart, a major Korean supermarket chain, however it is suuuper expensive, so you might want to bring some with you. You can also get stevia here, but I order it from Definitely bring you own chia and protein powder!

  8. really creative idea! n looks fun too!

  9. I am very much impressed with this…and wish to go there. Soon I’ll visit this place :)

  10. Hi Mipa,

    I was looking for stevia at Lotte Mart last night but I didn’t see any. There was a product called greensweet though. Is that it? Have you been able to buy it in any of the grocery stores?


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  12. Would like to find out what other snacks do they serve in Beesket stall beside fruit juice?

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