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Boramae Park at night


I recently discovered how awesome Boramae Park is at night. Before, I’d only been there during the day when there weren’t that many people, but lately I’ve been going in the evening, and it’s like the park transforms into an outdoor gym!

There are so many people just walking around the track, and also quite a lot of runners out for an evening jog. I used to think that Koreans don’t run, but apparently they do! I also saw a group of older runners going around the park as a pack. Seeing people jogging together puts a smile on my face.

There are also people playing outdoor basketball, kids rollerblading, wall-climbing, teams having soccer practice, and also outdoor aerobics for anyone who wants to join. It’s really refreshing to see and I also feel really inspired to keep moving when everyone around me is being active.

Wall climbing… haha, the kid on the bottom left corner was learning to climb, and he was so cute! Imitating the grown ups… :)

An army of ajumas doing some interesting aerobics and stretches. They must be from some kind of club because they’re all wearing the same red shirts! They were pretty entertaining to watch.

Little speedy rollerblading kids.

On one recent evening run, I had to stop to take pics of the temple all lit up with lotus lamps. The temple is uphill on one side of the park.

I guess they’re getting ready for Buddha’s birthday celebrations this weekend.

And if you’re just there for an evening stroll, you can catch the musical fountain show in the pond.

I was using my iphone camera, so the images are really grainy…

Another thing I like about going to parks here is that they’re not as scary or creepy at night as parks are in other cities I’ve lived in. There’s always a lot of activity, even past 9pm. Ofcourse you have to be aware of your surroundings, be careful and use your common sense, but there’s almost always enough people (all ages and genders) around that as a female, I have practically zero fear about going on a solo night run in the park. But I also don’t stay out too late and I make sure to start heading home before 10pm. Anyway, if you’re close to this park, definitely check it out and make use of its facilities.

Boramae Park
Boramae Station Line 7, Exit 2 or Shindaebang Station Line 2, Exit 4.
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  1. that kid on the wall!!!! cute :D

  2. Wow, Korea has changed a lot since the last time I was there. I think the active nightlife in Korea is AWESOME! :)

  3. yay for confucious and korea’s low crime rates :)

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