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Craft& is a cafe by Garosugil in Sinsa. It’s just your average cutesy cubby-hole cafe with only a few tables and a modern country-feel. However, one thing is that they provide soy milk!

The only soy milk option actually written on the menu is the soy latte (두유라떼 at the bottom with a pink tick mark next to it), but my friend and I asked if we could get soy milk for the green tea and raspberry cafe mocha latte and they obliged! :)

Raspberry mocha latte and green tea latte, both with soy milk (4,500 won for iced). I couldn’t taste the raspberry flavor much…. it was more like a regular latte but it still tasted pretty good. We both enjoyed our drinks, even though they were perhaps a tad on the sweet side. Next time, I’ll ask them to reduce the sugar.


Directions to Craft&:
From Apgujeong Staton Line 3: Exit 5. Walk straight, turn left after Woori Bank. After 1 block, turn left again and the cafe will be on your left.
From Garosugil: Walk to the end of Garosugil, away from Sinsa station. Turn right after Forever21. Walk for 1 block and the cafe will be on your right.

Address: 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 550-9
Phone: 02-541-1421

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  1. You and your quest for soy milk. At least you didn’t use it to ruin drip coffee this time :P

    • chamna, ah ain’t on no quest… :) my friend took me there! one day when i’m evolved enough, maybe i’ll enjoy black coffee.

      • haha. it took u long enough to come around to enjoying coffee…i think its gonna take another 20 yrs til u can drink it black :P

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