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Going to LA~~ (& Sitara Indian restaurant review)


Guess what? I’m going to LA in June! For three whole weeks!!!! I leave on June 5 and return at the end of the month. Don’t worry, I’ll still post updates (I can never stay away from the blog for too long before I start getting itchy to write again), but probably not as much as I’ve done on past vacations such as the Paris & Amsterdam trip last year, especially since I blogged about Cali on my several other trips there

Right now, I’m trying to plan some things to do while I’m there. LA-readers, lemme know if you have any ideas! :) Since SoCal is not a new place to me, I’ll probably just chill with my sister and look for local events and things to do… maybe go see some relatives in OC. My sister and I also plan on doing a road trip up to SF and Napa… :) I would really love to travel all along the west coast, but that will be determined by budget and time… I would loooove to visit Portland, the vegan mecca, but I don’t know if that will happen at this point. We shall seeee~

As for food, I don’t have much of a vegan bucket list this time. No real cravings or ‘must eats’….. except for one thing: vegan pho!!!! The LH’s pho here just doesn’t do it for me and I can’t tell you how much I miss having a big bowl of flavorful, filling pho. Oh, and I’m also looking forward to getting a veggie burger at Native Foods, with chili fries. Drool.

While I’m super excited to see my sister and get out of Korea for a bit, I do feel a little guilty about taking so much time away. Now that I’m my own boss, I keep questioning whether I deserve to have such a long vacation. But at the same time, I think I need some time off to refocus, get some perspective, and return with new-found energy and inspiration. :)

By the way, for those in Korea, if you would like to place an order from the bake shop, please do so before June 2, or I will hold your order until I return. Thanks bunches!


Anyhooozy, moving on to today’s post, a short restaurant review: Sitara Restaurant @ Hapjeong Station

Whenever I’m in Hapjeong area, I walk past Sitara, a fairly new Indian restaurant (I think it’s been open almost a year now). I just liked the look of it and its classy interior.

The interior is actually the most interesting thing about this restaurant. It’s modern, eclectic, and casual– a good date spot, as is evidenced by all the couples having their blind dates. ha. On the other side of this pic, there’s also an open window where you can see a couple Indian chefs working in the back.

When I went the other week, my friend and I ordered the ‘Mix Vegetable Curry’ (13,500 won) and ‘Palak Curry’ (14,000 won). Pricey, especially because you still have to order nan or rice separately. The nan bread here is not vegan and they do not serve roti bread, so we ended up just getting plain rice to eat with our curries. In my opinion, Indian curry ain’t complete without a bread vehicle to scoop it all up, but we had to do without this time.

The style is more upscale and Koreanized than most of the good Indian restaurants I’ve been to here in Seoul.

A part of me wishes the curries were served in copper curry warming dishes which I love. :) Something about the white bowls and plates just doesn’t look right.

The curries were quite delicious. The mixed vegetable curry provided a surprisingly spicy kick in the mouth. Palak curry is my favorite Indian dish of all time and this restaurant’s version was very tasty. Smooth in texture and perhaps a little soupier than I’m used to, but still very flavorful. Overall, I enjoyed my meal here. It’s not on my top places to go for Indian food in Seoul, but if you’re in Hapjeong and are craving curry, check this place out.

Directions to Sitara:
Hapjeong Station, Line 6, Exit 5. Turn right, after the bike shop. Walk straight about 1.5 blocks and Sitara will be on your right.
tel: 02-325-5623
서울특별시 마포구 합정동 413-18

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  1. Hope you have lots of fun in LA!!! I wish I could go too :(
    And the menu definitely looks “koreanized” lol, look at the rice bowl!! haha :D

    • Thanks Stephanie, I still have a few weeks to go… waiting patiently. :)
      Yea, the food looked pretty Koreanized. I looked at the other diners’ plates, which looked more interesting… but not vegan. haha.

    • Hi Stepahnie! Yea, the rice looks sooo Korean with the sesame seeds on top! They should really add vegan roti to the menu.

  2. Hi! I am from Southern California and have some recommendations on good vegan places to hit up while you’re visiting!
    I enjoy vegan food (although I’m not a vegan) but I consulted my best gal pal who’s a vegan living in LA and here’s our list:
    Real Food Daily
    Native Foods
    Veggie Grill
    Mohawk Bend
    Flore (for brunch)
    Cruzer Pizza

    Enjoy your time in LA!

    • ooo, nice. I’ve been to Native Foods, Veggie Grill, and Flore, but i’ll try to hit up the other ones this time around. Thanks Jessica!

  3. Hey Mipa! I really like your blog though I don’t often comment =) Though I’m living in Germany now, I’m from LA and of course some of the highlights of every visit back are visiting favorite restaurants! Here are my top suggestions off the top of my head … but I will try to think of some more for you too:
    Vegetable Delight (vegan Chinese restaurant in Chatsworth area)
    Vinh Loi Tofu (tofu shop/vegan restaurant with very friendly vegan triathlete owner)
    Pitfire Pizza (they have great gourmet pizzas with vegan cheese as an option!)
    Vegan Express/Lotus Vegan (there are lots of vegan thai places now, but these are my favorites)
    Shojin (vegan Japanese restaurant in Little Tokyo – a bit pricey but so tasty)

    As for stuff to do, you should consider going for a hike – it’s amazing how many wild places and awesome hikes there are in the middle of LA. This is one of my parents’ favorites, for example:

    And of course the great art museums … but I hope you have visited some of them already!

    Hope you have a great trip to LA =)

    • Ahh! Thanks a bunch Yael! I really wanted to hit up Shojin the last time i was there but ran out of time. hopefully this time! :) Definitely will look into the other places too. Hiking is on my list of things to do, for sure. I’ve been to most of the big museums and galleries, but I don’t mind going again!

  4. Hello! Love your blog, pretty photos and informative posts :)
    May I ask if you know of anywhere in Seoul where organic food is sold? Any health food store perhaps? Groceries like leafy greens or premade soups ^^ I’m visiting next week, I would like to make green smoothies and stuff!

  5. Ha ha, my first reaction when you said you were going to LA was: Don’t forget how much you loved that pho, and have some!! ;-)

    I looove palak as well. I just had some veganized palak-minus-paneer at a new (to me) Indian restaurant last week. It was great.

    I join the chorus saying, “That does not look like Indian rice.” :)

  6. Hi Mipa, I think you would really enjoy the vegan sandwiches from Mendocino Farms. They have locations in Marina Del Rey and West Hollywood, as well as Downtown LA. The vegan shawerma is delish!!

  7. Oh, and Kind Kreme in Studio City or Echo Park for vegan ice cream! ^___^

  8. Hey Mipa!! Good for you to visit LA! Recently, I started working at a sandwich shop called mendocino farms, they have a couple locations through LA, and they have a vegan menu, that is delish! They also have really yummy vegan side salads!

    Also, check out Cafe gratitude near Larchmont it is an organic, vegan, macrobiotic restaurant, their food is really yummy and fresh! Also they have a kickA$$ ginger ale!

    • Boyoung, thanks for the recommendations! Another commenter above (Julie) also mentioned Mendocino Farms~ Must be good. I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the tips!!

  9. I keep meaning to go here!! It looks so chic……..although the copper curry warming plates are definitely better, I think ;)

  10. oh wow…looks like people have suggested a lot of vegan places for you (and me) to try out! can’t wait for you to get here!! hurry up :) and i second that we should go hiking.

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  12. If you ever head south on the 5, you might try this place. I liked it. Decent coffee too…

  13. Racist restaurant, on two separate occasions we have been refused entry with the lie that the kitchen is closing- about 2 hours before the published closing time. The second time we waited on the corner and less than 1 minute later we saw three random Korean couples being accepted entry. We find it bizarre that they have their menu in English but refused my girlfriend and I. So give it a miss if you care about equality.

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