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The Soul Painter & Laksheme Revisited

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Spent Friday hanging out in Hongdae with Abigail and some other friends. We did so much stuff over the weekend and have been eating tons of good food, it’s gonna take me a while to blog about it all!

Right now there is an art show going on at Wyln Gallery in Hongdae, by the ‘Soul Painter,’ Heyjung Kim. My friends and I went to check it out over the weekend and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was just really wonderful. The entire show was made up of fuzzy black and white charcoal portraits of the animals that have been abandoned by their owners.



It’s amazing how much emotion the artist was able to capture through such seemingly simple drawings. There is also an animated story that you can watch and I got a little teary by the end! (I’m a sap…)  The whole show is really heartfelt and makes you think about all the fear and loneliness abandoned animals must feel.

If you are in Hongdae this week, I highly recommend you try to catch this show before it goes down- Thursday is the last day! The artist is obviously an animal lover and has a heart to help them and bring awareness to this issue. Go support~!! :)

Wyln Gallery Website for map and details
Artist Website

We also hit up Laksheme, the vegan-friendly steamed donut place I went to last year. It was nearing the end of the day and there weren’t that many options left, but we got a cinnamon-walnut and chocolate donut to share.


They were both awesome, but I preferred the cinnamon-walnut one. :)

Whenever I go to Laksheme, it’s always so empty… Even though the donuts aren’t authentically deep fried, they have so many vegan options and their stuff is actually really tasty and probably healthier than regular donuts. I also love the cakey texture. So I’ll just say, don’t write ’em off before you try em!

IMG_4615.jpgSome random images from Hongdae…

IMG_4649.jpgThese guys were handing out promotional stuff for who-knows-what…

IMG_4661.jpgThe always happy-go-lucky Makgeolli Man! Do you know the Makgeolli Man?

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  1. haha…seoul men’s street style hasn’t changed a bit!! have fun w/ abigail!

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