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Random Eats and a Scone Recipe!


Here are some random eats I’ve enjoyed lately. I ate so much good food while Abigail was here, and when I go to Cali I’m gonna eat more awesome food! Oh dear…

For one of her dinners, Abigail went out and brought back some Yachae Kimbab for us to share. I usually can’t be bothered to order kimbab from those Kimbab Chungook stores because whenever I do, it’s kind of like pulling teeth. I always have to watch over them as they assemble it to make sure they don’t slip some fish cake in, thinking that it’s a vegetable. The ordering process usually goes something like this: “Can I get a Yachae Kimbab with vegetables only, please….? Yes, no meat, so no ham or crab meat please. Or eggs… Oh, and no fish cake. Vegetables only. Huk, and no mayo either….”  aigooo~ And by the end, the kimbab is pretty much just rice and kim. ㅠㅠ Sometimes I just get tired of sounding picky, so I don’t bother. I’m glad Abigail was willing to get picky, because the kimbab was geeuuud! :)

When my parents visited Seoul last week, my mom brought a bunch of banchans for us. Nothing quite like a fridge full of homemade Korean banchan… all you need to do is cook some rice and you have a complete, delicious meal at the ready.

마늘종: Garlic stems in sweet & spicy gochujang sauce.

Pickled cucumbers and garlic stems, etc.

We also recently had lunch at Ahn Hyun Pil vegetarian buffet.

I live so close that I don’t know why I don’t eat there every day. Seriously, it’s just a tiny hole-in-the-wall style resturant without a huge spread, but the food is simple, mostly organic, down-to-earth, local, fresh, and really tasty. And it’s also only 9,000won. So happy to have it around.

Had a veggie burrito at Dos Tacos, no cheese, no sour cream.

Overnight Oats for breakfast. For soaking the night before: oatmeal, soy milk, flax seeds, chia seeds, wheat bran and raisins. Then in the morning, everything got topped with some banana, walnuts, and blackstrap molasses. So good!

I messed up on a loaf of chocolate poundcake because I forgot to add the oil! Honestly, there have been numerous times when I absentmindedly left out key ingredients when baking and then had to either throw the batch away, eat it myself, or feed it to unsuspecting friends. Even though it was very dense and a bit dry, it was still edible so I didn’t toss it– I hate wasting food! It tasted more like chocolatey bread… very chewy. A happy accident, perhaps?

Blueberry, banana, strawberry smoothie with wheat grass powder. Antioxidants, git in ma bellay.

More breakfast food! I tried making some walnut scones based on a recipe in this Korean book, but I made a few modifications. They actually came out pretty good. What I appreciated about the recipe was that it was small so we got four mini scones, the perfect amount to serve two. You can also throw in whatever add-ins you want, like nuts, dried fruit, etc. Here’s my adapted recipe:

Cinnamon Walnut Breakfast Scones
serves 2

50g all purpose flour
50g whole wheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp cinnamon

2 Tbs organic cane sugar
50ml soy milk
2 Tbs canola oil
1/2 tsp maple extract
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp salt

Add ins: nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate chips…

1. Preheat oven to 180C or 350F. Prepare cookie sheet.
2. Sift flours, baking powder, and cinnamon together and mix.
3. In a separate bowl, mix all the other ingredients.

4. Combine the wet with the dry and throw in any nuts or dried fruit. Using your hands, mix until it all comes together in a dough ball. Shape the dough and cut into quarters.

5. Place on baking sheet and brush lightly with some soy milk.
6. Bake for 20-22 minutes, or until tops are golden brown.
Mmm, toasty good! I rarely make scones because they don’t seem like a very healthy breakfast choice, but these weren’t too bad.

A bit crumbly, but scrummy, especially when topped with some strawberry preserves– another of my mom’s homemade pressies.

Um, this jar is already empty because I used it to make cupcakes and frosting….

And last but not least, check out my chicory and lettuce greens that I’ve been growing, for the first time! I didn’t really know how to plant the seeds, so I just threw a bunch in some styrofoam boxes that the previous resident had left on my patio.

I definitely planted too many seeds here because the greens are super tightly packed in there! :( After I took this picture, I distributed them a bit better and gave them more space to breathe. But sadly, I’m now taking off for a month and they will most likely die while I’m gone. Unless it rains a lot to keep them watered….

Anyhoo… phew! See what I mean when I say that I’ve been eating well lately? :)



  1. Ah those scones look so good! But its 11.10pm… hmm i might still make some scones anyway haha

  2. Yum! Perhaps you could ask a neighbor or a friend to look after your precious plants? :o)

  3. fresh scones!! mmm :D i know you’ll be on vacay mode, but lets bake once while you’re here! can’t believe you’ll be here in 24 hours. SO excited.

  4. Great pix, yum!

  5. I’m making those scones this weekend…will let you know how they turn out. Can’t wait….yum!

  6. Ma-Nul-Jjong, OMGG!!! HAVEN’T had it for years!!! I lovvee that stuff!!!

  7. Just finished making them and they are sooo good! I changed the recipe a bit and used 1 tbsp of oil with 1 tbsp of maple syrup and only 1 tbsp of sugar because I used the syrup. I also used maybe a tbsp more of flour cause it seemed a bit wet. They turned out so good that I’m going to double the recipe next time and freeze the extra! Thanks so much!

    • thanks for the review, Sylvia! Good to hear you were able to make modifications and it still turned out well! Happy baking~~ :)

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