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Back in Korea (and some final LA pictures)


I’m back in Seoul now, after a pretty fantastic month in the US. Since I returned this past weekend, I’ve been pretty busy responding to emails, baking, and working on projects that got put on hold while I was away! I’m actually really glad that I have a lot to do because usually when I come back from a trip and I have no plans or goals on the horizon, I start getting depressed and wishing I were still on vacation. But this time, I just haven’t had time to think about how grossly humid the weather is here compared to LA, or how Seoul is so over-crowded, or how I wish certain parts of my neighborhood didn’t smell so funky. Also, on my trip, I think I got some much-needed perspective and also some ideas for possible projects both food and art-related, so now I have to just do it. I’m hoping I can stay focused and keep up the momentum to turn some of the ideas into reality! :)

Anyway, here are a few pictures from my final week in LA.

Went hiking on one day~ You can see Santa Monica pier in the distance.

Random eats: Thai iced coffee with soy milk, oat roll from whole foods, papaya dressed with lime juice, Whole Foods boxed lunch (love it too much), and some rye bread toast for breakfast.

My sister and I got a light lunch at the Vegan Joint. Oriental tossed salad and lentil quesadillas. Both delicious.

Dinner at MCafe with my dear college roomie (Brooke), her fiance, and friend… Brooke has gluten-intolerance, so MCafe was a good choice. We weren’t that hungry so we shared some sesame soba noodles (vegan but not gf), tofu egg salad with gf crackers, kale with spicy peanut dressing, and veg inari sushi. Oh, and we got some Babycakes cupcakes for dessert! I didn’t get to visit the actual Babycakes storefront, but at least I got to try some of their gf cupcakes at last! yum~~

On my flight back to Korea, I took Asiana Airlines and had the veg*an meals (VGML) again. My first entree was some kind of risotto dish with three measly strips of asparagus and red bell peppers on top. It was not very good, to say the least. The side salad and the very dry bread roll were also equally unimpressive. I was actually sitting next to an Indian dude and he ordered the vegetarian Indian meal (VJML), which was some kind of Indian curry dish and it looked and smelled so much more delicious than mine!! That’s totally what I’m getting next time. Hrmph. I think he felt a little sorry for me because he looked at my dish and said I could have some snacks that he packed if I didn’t want to eat my meal. haha.

The second entree wasn’t any improvement either: spagetti with marinara sauce and some steamed vegetables. The veggies were nice but the pasta was really dry and overall unappetizing that I didn’t eat it. Oh well… I’ve kind of given up on expecting anything great from plane food now.


Anyway, my trip was such a complete blast and I’m so grateful for getting to hang out with my sister, be reunited with some long-time friends, and also meet some new peeps. Even though my friends and I are pretty bad at keeping in touch with each other, I love how when we’re reunited, it’s like nothing has changed and we can just pick up right where we left off. I reckon it’s time some of them visit me in Korea now.

Also, thank you guys for reading along and letting me share my travels with you~~ :) And now, back to my regular programming in Korea…. (finally!).


  1. I’m gonna blog about this pretty soon (after I organize stuff) but Koreana Airlines’ vege-meal was pretty good too!!

  2. love that pic of you and brooke! thanks for making it to my graduation sis! my vacations with you are always a blast :P anyway, talk soon. btw, can’t believe they finally cut down the tree AFTER you left haha.

    • HOpefully they didn’t cut down the whole thing… just trimmed it so your room isn’t so dang dark!! It was like a cave the whole time i was there. eesh.

  3. Welcome back! Or, more accurately from my point of view, farewell! Glad you had such a great trip. I don’t think I see the Santa Monica pier in the distance in that one picture. Is it the kind of thing where you know where it would be if you could see it?

    I like the way the last picture demonstrates that you are back on terra firma. :) Thanks for posting all this! I think I’m going to go make some tofu egg salad now. ;-)

  4. So glad your trip was awesome, even though you did not get visit Casey at Pizza Oasis in portland, maybe next time.
    I am so going to get the Indian vegan meal when I fly.

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