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There’s a new vegan-friendly coffee shop in the Noksapyeong/Itaewon area that just opened about a month ago. It’s not an exclusively vegan cafe, but they have some sweet treats and also soy milk options. Awesome!

The interior ambiance is really nice too with vintage books, eco-friendly cardboard seating, handmade journals, good music, free wifi (ofcourse), and every time I go, there’s a fresh vase of vibrant gorgeous flowers to turn any frown upside down. I really love the big glass window where you can sit and people watch. It’s a little separated from the main Itaewon street which is always busy and a bit of an eyesore, but it’s really calm along this alleyway and you can still have fun seeing folks of all different backgrounds and ethnicities passing by– it makes me feel like I’m not in Korea.

It’s worth checking it out just for the relaxing ambiance and the good coffee. In addition to high quality roasted coffee, they also serve dutch (water drip) coffee which tastes really smooth and has hardly any caffeine so you can enjoy it late at night. You can buy some by the bottle too. I got a small bottle of it to take home and diluted it with some soy milk and ice. Delicious. Oh, and the customer service is great. The barista manager there is always so sweet and cheerful.

Right now they have some vegan cookies and carrot bread for sale, provided by the Alien’s Bake Shop~~ They like to change things up so next week the options might be different.

Soy chai latte. Their original chai latte mix has some dairy in it, but if you ask, they can make a vegan version for you with a regular chai tea bag and some frothy soy milk (no extra fee for soy milk!). If you like it on the sweeter side, you can add a brown sugar cube that is adorably wrapped like candy:



Directions to Botton:

Itaewon Station line 6, exit 1. Walk straight, til you almost reach the end of Itaewon street. Before you get to the end, you will see a narrow road that veers to the right and up a hill. Walk uphill, passing Cup & Bowl and Hillside bar on your right. Botton will be on your right. About a 10 minute walk from the station.

Noksapyeong Station, like 6, Exit 1. Come out the exit and take the overpass bridge. Pass Petra’s restaurant on your left and follow the road as it curves. Botton will be around the corner, on your left.

Opening hours: 1pm-11pm
Closed on Mondays
Address: 서울시 용산구 이태원동 455-23
Phone: 070-8264-3720

They don’t have a website at the moment, but if you’re on twitter, their twitter account is @Coffeebotton


  1. No extra charge for soy milk? :D That’s fab.
    There is something about the paint on the facade of the shop that I just love. It’s like … cadet blue, weathered like denim. Very welcoming and attractive. There’s something clubbish about it, or like a high-end menswear store. Love it. And they stock Alien’s baked goods~!

    • Thanks Lu! I’m really excited about it and hope they continue to stock vegan goodies from my bake shop! :D Yay!

  2. its definitely not your average cutesy korean cafe. that weathered blue paint and gold lettering/signage is an elegant combination:) wish i could visit!

  3. Mipa, I work in Itaewon so today on my break between shows I went and checked out this place and I fell in love!!!! Firstly the woman who served me was so lovely and sweet and when she saw me getting excited about your vegan baked noms noms she got excited too and told me she would make me a chai tea “no milk, no sweet” which I guessed to be the one you blogged about!
    I had a slice of your carrot bread (which I have been wanting to try FOREVER) and a soy chai and it was a little slice of heaven on a rainy afternoon. I’ll post a pic on your facebook!
    Thanks for being so awesome and keeping me vegan sane here in Seoul =)

    • hehe, thanks for this awesome comment, Allyce! I’m really glad you liked the cafe and carrot bread! And I can totally picture the barista girl getting excited haha. She’s always so happy and cheerful!

  4. seriously mipa, you should TOTALLY open your own cafe! i’m sure you’d get tonnnsss of loyal customers, vegan and non-vegan alike supporting you!!! i’m not vegan, but i love trying new things and i would move to south korea in an instant if you opened up a cafe!!!

  5. Hello, Could you please tell me the breed of bunny you have? Thank you

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  7. Awesome! I’ve walked past this place so many times on the way to Standing Coffee or Latte King when I’m checking out Itaewon – thanks for opening my eyes to it. I’ll grab the fiance lovely and check it out this week. And don’t know if you know or not, but looks like A Twosome Place has put soy on the menu…

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  9. Went to try your desert. It was the strawberry cake. Totally loved it!

  10. Hi Mipa!! As a fellow chai tea enthusiast here is a post on my blog on how to make delicious homemade chai the Indian way ~~~

    I realize home-brewing defeats the purpose of your love of cafe outings but I thought I’d share ^.^ ~**

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