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Oh dear… it’s been so long since my last ‘random eats’ post that I’m going to mash them all into one massive post. Get ready for a deluge of food foties!

First up, some recipe testing… A while ago, I was playing around with making savory cornmeal muffins, but the batter was so thick I ended up making scones instead. Improv baking… I also threw in some red onions and dry basil and dill to complement the corn. Not too bad! :)

In addition to that, I also experimented with making some blueberry lemon marble cheesecake for an upcoming Bakery magazine publication, and here is the trial result. It turned out pretty good but I did make a few adjustments to the final recipe.

Here’s the photographer and food stylist setting up the shot for the magazine spread at the magazine’s studio. It was definitely a cool experience to go to the studio and see how it’s done. And I’m totally jealous of their camera which makes everything look infinitely more interesting and delicious. After looking through that lens, reality looks flat and bland! Anyway, I’m hoping the final money shot comes out well… fingers crossed!

Chewy mochi ddeok from Ogada, a chain cafe selling healthy herbal Korean teas and rice cakes.

I also recently visited my friend Minju at Harunohee cafe. Now that I’m on the opposite side if Seoul, I rarely make it over to the east side. In fact, ever since I moved I haven’t gone to the Achasan buffet once and I really miss it! I should revisit my old stomping grounds again. At the cafe I got an iced soy coffee and Minju also put together some patbingsu without the icecream. It was simple but really good. It’s hard to go wrong with sweet red beans, ddeok, and roasted bean powder.

More patbingsu! There’s a tiny street stall in my neighborhood market and the ajuma there sells 1,000 won ($1) patbingsu in small cups. I asked her not to include any of the dairy soft serve or condensed milk, and it still tasted awesome. I will probably go there to get my daily patbingsu fix this summer.

Coffee and…. yup, even more patbingsu~ :)

Yubu chobab and pickles for a snack.

Random lunch at home: Brown rice, quinoa, and adzuki beans cooked together, with some tempeh, green beans, onions, and sriracha sauce.

Quinoa bowl with sauteed veggies, baked beans, and ofcourse sriracha sauce.

Two weekends ago, I got to hang out with the one and only Dawn Kang, who some of you Seoulites might know from all the amazing Fermentation Celebration events and classes that she has co-organized. We have known about each other for some time and have a bunch of mutual friends, but only finally got to meet in person and hang out, and I’m sooo glad we finally did. She is one of those inspirational individuals who radiates genuineness and passion for life, people, health, and well-being. She and some friends have recently started teaching yoga classes in a humble ‘SPACE.’ It’s just a great place to sweat your stress out and connect with like-minded people. And you might even get a vegan kombucha-infused smoothie after! Dawn put together this super delicious banana-melon smoothie that also included kombucha, chia seeds, almonds, soy milk, and cinnamon. Even her little hamster Pete could smell the goodness and came scurrying over. I want Pete to meet Bunny- I bet they would get along handsomely. :)

Dawn is a master of making kombucha as she always seems to have a huge jar of the stuff going. Check out that thick layer of scoby~

I also stopped by the Baker’s Table bakery in Noksapyung, which is apparently owned and run by a German baker. Didn’t get too many photos, but they have quite a few vegan bread options, like brot, mini rolls, and whole wheat loaves. I got a ciabatta (2,000won). I prefer soft, airy, pillowy ciabatta, but this one was more chewy and tough in texture. Still tasty though.

More breakfast smoothies: banana, blueberries, plum, wheat grass powder, and soy milk.

Some lovely people ordered cookies from me and sent me a picture of them enjoying it at a cafe. :)

And then this past weekend, my friend Lilian came over for Saturday brunch and to catch up. I made some plum jam-filled streusel muffins, banana oatmeal pancakes, and roasted veggies with smoky tempeh. Can you believe all this food was just for two people? We definitely had left overs and then some!

Lilian put together this simple, fresh, and totally delicious tomato salad with thinly sliced red onion, dried basil, salt, and pepper. She also brought some white peaches and delicious chocolate orange ciabatta bread from Publique bakery.

cross-section view of the plum jam-filled mini muffins.

More baking I did for a gift. And then yesterday, I met up with some awesome veggies/blog people and J gave me a carton of almond milk that he got on the US base!! So awesome of him, and I love it! I really miss almond milk but I can’t be bothered to make it at home, so I might just start ordering it from iherb.

And finally, here are some random photos of wet Seoul…. This weekend was so rainy and grey. I guess the monsoon season is upon us.




  1. Wow so many yummy eats. I hope you’ll post some of the recipes!

  2. MmmMmm!! You totally have me in food envy mode. All of your treats look so scrumptious! I had to leave you a little comment to say hello and let you know that now I feel good knowing that I’m not the only one completely in love with patbingsu! I seriously cannot get enough!! Enjoy your week :)

  3. So jealous of your delish eats!!! I actually need to ask you some stuff – first of all, do you know where I can find American-style yellow corn in Seoul? The only ones I can find are the sticky ones. I love sticky corns, but this recipe I want to make for my family requires sweet yellow corn. Second, I think you mentioned this in your previous post, but where did you find tempeh? I loovee tempeh! (urrghh, korea has seriously NO vegan options)

    • Yea, sweet yellow corn is hard to find here… I don’t think I’ve seen it for a while. Maybe check Emart? Or you may have to resort to canned corn.. :(
      You can get tempeh at the Foreign Food Mart or the National Foods Mart, both in Itaewon. :)

  4. !!! That 1,000 won patbingsu stall sounds so good. Where is it? Would love to join for a quick bingsu break soon. ^^

    • Hey Meagan! It’s near the end of the Chinese market (farthest end from the station). It’s opposite a veggie stall and next to a fruit stall. if you come to the chinese market, let me know! we can def do a patbingsu break anytime. hehe.

  5. Hey there, can you give us a recipe on how to make your own fruit preserves? Yours looks so yummy! Btw, I still make your scones ALL the time!

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