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The Seoul Farmers’ Market


While I was in the US and got to check out some amazing farmers markets in LA, SF, and Portland, I kept thinking to myself “I wish Seoul had a farmers’ market.” Well I returned to Korea and low and behold, the city has just opened its very first Seoul Farmers’ Market that will run every Saturday until the end of October!

You may be wondering what makes this market different from the regular open markets you find in every neighborhood. Well, first of all, everything is sold directly from the farmers, and secondly, the market places strong emphasis on organic local produce while promoting community and urban farming initiatives. They even have workshops of various kinds that you can sit in on for free.

Oh, and you get to sample things too, such as pink tofu (dyed with red rice), roasted cashews, various juices, heirloom tomatoes, and dried persimmons. Since this is its first year and it hasn’t been open for more than a month, there are still areas that could be improved. Compared to farmers markets abroad, the produce stalls are not overflowing with abundance, but everything is of high quality, grown with care, and there’s still a good amount of things to see and it’s certainly worth the visit. I’m sure this farmer’s market will only get better over time! :)

There were also a number of food stalls where you could get your vegan snack on. Among them was a very popular bibimbab stall and we were lucky to get their last one before they ran out of ingredients. The regular bibimbab is vegetarian, but contains egg and mayo sauce, so we just asked for the plain rice option and no mayo sauce. We also spotted a tent selling savory kimchi-filled crepes that just happened to be vegan- no dairy or egg in the crepe batter, and no animals in the kimchi. The crepes were delicious, but also really spicy that I ended up picking out some of the filling. Next time, I’ll probably go with their non-spicy cabbage jeon.

Happy faces!

Directions to the Seoul Farmer’s Market
Gyungbukgung Station Line 3, Exit 5. You should see the farmer’s market across the street from the Gyungbuk palace.
Gwanghwamun Station, Line 5, Exit 2. Walk straight for 5 minutes and you will reach the farmers market at the end of the street, on your right.

2012 hours: Open Saturdays from 2012/6/2 ~ 10/20. 10am-3pm
Check out the website and Facebook page.

Click here for Google Map
Address: 종로구 세종로 76-2, Seoul, Korea 110-050


  1. Mipa! You are so awesome for posting about this!! I love all of your posts and appreciate everything you write about! Thanks for sharing about this awesome farmers market. We’re in the US for the summer, but can’t wait to check this out when we get back to Seoul in August! :o)

    • Hi Lauren, thanks for the comment~~ Definitely check it out when you come back. I hope it gets lots of support from locals and foreigners so that it continues to grow and becomes a permanent part of Seoul. :)

  2. Omg what did the pink tofu taste like? It looks so amazingly yummy!

  3. OMG!! Thank you so much for this! This is really close to where I live ;)

  4. AMAZING! I am so excited that Korea has a farmers’ market and that they emphasize organic products! I’ve been wishing for one since last summer when I visited some in the US, and you’ve found one! The open-air markets are also nice, but I don’t know the origin of a lot of the things they sell. I see boxes in trash piles there with “China” stamped on them and I just wonder what I’m buying. It’s supposed to rain this Saturday – unfortunately – but if it holds off, I’ll be there!

    • Hey, just wanna let you know that they’re closed this Saturday (july 13) due to the rain… check their FB page for updates (if you can read korean).

  5. This is so great! I love a small farmer’s market. I’m weird because I don’t like having so much choice that you can’t decide on anything. :) But I have to say, the pink tofu gives me the willies. I love pink, and I love tofu, but that looks like a piece of muscle. Everything else, thumbs up, though! The kimbap looks so fresh and tasty. (is that what you meant by bibimbap?)

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  8. I can’t believe I haven’t made it here yet. Your post has convinced me I have to give it a try!

    • Hey ya~! just so you know, they have been on hiatus for the past few weeks due to the crazy summer heat. I’m not sure when they will be opening again, but probably end of this month or early next month. Just check their website for more up to date info! :)

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