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Purple cake, Snacks, Bunny, and more~


Many thanks for all the kind comments about the Botton cafe blog post, and also to everyone who has gone to check the cafe out in person. :) I’ve heard from the Botton ladies that they have been so happy to meet more foreign customers and serve vegan goodies. So yayyyy! Anyway, it’s been a busy (and rainy) week and I haven’t been able to blog for a while, but here are some random photos and updates:

Recently, Joanne, a blog friend and customer ordered a birthday cake for her boyfriend. She said he wanted a dark chocolate cake with raspberries but I couldn’t find fresh raspberries anywhere so I ended up making a chocolate cake with blueberries on the inside and raspberry buttercream frosting on the outside using some raspberry purée and blackberry powder. Joanne later sent me a photo of the cake with the candles. It turned out really purple like a unicorn, but she reported that he loved it.

After that, I made a similar cake for Botton cafe and it has now been nicknamed the Purple Rain Cake, to go with their Purple Rain coffee blend. :) Rich chocolate cake and two different kinds of berries make this all kinds of vegan-awesome. All that’s missing is Prince’s song playing in the background. Infact, here’s a link to the video. (Thanks to Joanne & Chad for the inspiration~) Oh, and that’s an iced soy chai latte, to-go. Delicious.

Alien’s Day Out in the press! 10Magazine had a little blurb about High Street Market’s new vegan items, and they mentioned the blog! Woot~~

Speaking of High Street Market, they now carry vegan cashew-based cheese. I have yet to taste it myself, but it looks soft and spreadable, good for sandwiches? :)

Also got to hang out with Dawn at SPACE yoga studio while she re-potted some basil plants.

Green slushies almost every day~ Perfect to cool myself down after a morning jog.

Mmmmmochi ddeok~~

And because it’s been a while since Bunny has made an appearance on the blog, here she is enjoying an afternoon snack of apples, a plum, and some oatmeal.

Lickin’ her lips, or maybe just sticking her tongue out at you. Mehrong!

Did you miss that? Here it is again. :) So cuteee!

Ok Alien Friends! That’s all for today, have a good one! ta ta~


  1. They didn’t have vegan cheese when I went!!! :(
    Anyways, your lemon cookies were sooo good!!! I accidentally overate them and got a little sick afterwards – it was that good! haha. My family obviously loved them, and also a friend of my sister was also surprised at how vegan foods can be so good!
    I am delighted to see how vegetarianism/veganism is getting more well-known in Korea. Yesterday I saw that Seoul National University now has their own Vegetarian Buffet in the campus! ;D

    • Oh, wow, thanks so much Stephanie! I’m so glad you liked ’em! Ohh yea, I have yet to eat at SNU’s veg buffet! Thanks for the reminder

  2. ok just stop it, stop it!!!!! buns is freaking cute!! and your purple rain cake looks divine!
    way to go with getting published in yet another mag…go sis! <3

  3. “Jamaican me Crazy”


  4. Yay magazine article!!! OMG I can’t believe they have vegan cashew cheese!! Soo cool. I’ve been thinking that I’m going to miss vegan cheese when I teach in South Korea but maybe I wont! What do you use to color the outside of that mochi ddeok?

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and I’m definitely going to use your info as a “vegan go to guide” for noms outside my kitchen:) Thanks!!!!

  5. Really enjoying your blog! Tried the Loving Hut in Sinchon and totally loved the cheap and cheerful prices with some delicious food. Also, I purchased the Vegan Cheese at High Street Market and LOVE it! Even my non-vegan friends keep on eating it. You need to go buy some! Thanks for your informative and fun blog. ~Hillary

  6. This purple cake looks amazing!! You are just so talented! Gosh I love bunny, the pictures make me want to snuggle her to pieces. ;) have a wonderful rest of the week.

  7. Congratulations Mipa!! Super awesome about you being more promoted in media, well deserved ^^. And that cake looks sooooo delicious! Bunny is super cute, you nailed those pictures, big “aaaaawh~”. Good job!

  8. eek! so much excitement! i really hope i can come back for a visit to korea again sometime soon! high street market looks so awesome!

  9. loooove your reference to Raspberry Beret! “If it was warm, she wouldn’t wear much more!” Suchhh a great song. oh and I think I will fly to korea, adopt a bunny just like Bunny, and go eat purple rain cake at Cafe Botton. A girl can dream!

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