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Slobbie Restaurant in Hongdae


In Hongdae, there is certainly no shortage of charming coffee shops, bakeries, bars, meat-centric and western food restaurants. However, strangely, there aren’t that many restaurants with good Korean food, particularly spots that are also vegan-friendly. Ofcourse, you can get veganized bibimbab pretty easily, but sometimes you want a little more. Which is why I like Slobbie, a Korean restaurant in Hongdae that promotes the concept of local, seasonal, healthy, slow food. Their menu has a lot of vegetarian and vegan options, and a lot of their other dishes can also be veganized upon request.

An English menu! Check out all the vegetarian/vegan options!

More vegetarian options!!

The ‘Home Meal of the Day’ (8,000 won). You get a tray of brown rice, three different banchans, a green salad, kimchi, and soup!

One of the banchans may be a meat or egg dish, but if you let them know you are vegan, they will be sure to bring you out three veggie banchans. Unfortunately their kimchi contains jeotgal, but there are so many other delicious things, I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed.

When we went, the soup-of-the-day was also a lovely bowl of dark dwenjang soup that was also totally vegan. Everything we got was delicious. Nothing fancy or unrecognizable. Just natural, simple, comforting Korean bab and banchan. My kind of food.

The ‘Salad Bibimbab’ (7,000). It normally comes with a fried egg on top, but you can ask them to leave it out.

Fried tofu with soy chilli sauce. Scrummy!!! :)

One of my favorite banchans: sweet soy glazed lotus root (연근조림).

Curry with brown rice. Also delicious and meat-free!

Another cool thing is that Slobbie has implemented this ‘Meal Banking Movement’ where you can pay in advance for 10 meals at Slobbie and get a 10% discount. Then you can just stop by whenever and they will feed you a nourishing homey meal. Oh, and I didn’t know this before, but according to the urban dictionary, ‘Slobbie’ means “Slow food lover or enthusiast.” Nice!

There is also a corner where they sell handmade crafts and kitchenware for a good cause.

On one side, there is a separate room/kitchen studio where they have meetings, cooking classes, and dinner parties. Such a great space.

Anyway, if you are looking for some awesome veg-friendly Korean cuisine in Hongdae, I highly recommend Slobbie. You get a delicious, carefully prepared meal, and at the same time, you get to support local farmers and the slow-food movement. The interior ambiance is also inviting, and the service is great!

Directions to Cafe Slobbie (까페 슬로비)
Hongdae Station, Line 2, Exit 9. Come out the exit and turn left. Turn Right immediately after Dunkin Donuts. Walk a few buildings and Slobbie will be on your left, on the 5th floor (I think it’s above an Olive Young store).
Address: 서울 마포구 동교동 163-9 5층
Phone: 02 3143 5525
Closed on Sundays
Facebook page

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  1. Hi Mipa !! I have been reading all those vegan places that you have put up to eat it. It’s looks really yummy. You makes me excited to visit this places to try next year when I visit Seoul ;) .

  2. I have actually been to Slobbie! Awesome food and the people there are so very nice!
    Can’t wait to go back!

  3. The wife and I live in Okpo.. I would kill to have a good veggie restaurant somewhere close by. We will definitely hit some of these places next time we visit Seoul. Thanks for the great blog :D

  4. wow the food there looks amazing, so well presented and it looks so yummy and hearty.

    Does most kimchi have seafood in it?

    • Hey ya. Yea…. it’s pretty common for the traditional napa-cabbage red kimchis to have some kind of seafood in it… or fish sauce. But a few places don’t because it’s cheaper to make it without….

  5. Wow! I would have loved this when I visited Korea. I never even got to Hongdae, though. (Unfortunately; I was really into “Coffee Prince” at the time.) :) Someone should get you that 10-meal plan for your birthday or Christmas.

    There’s something about that meeting room that I love. It’s right there in the restaurant and you can see into it, which I think would make you feel like you’re in the middle of interesting happenings while you’re eating. :) Also, it reminds me of these kids I talked to on the street downtown last night. It was raining, and they were without umbrellas, so they came up to me under the awning I was standing under and asked where the nearest movie theater was. I tried to describe the building (a few blocks away), which is in a mall that has a two-story ground-floor entrance that is made of glass windows. One of the boys thought he knew which place I meant and asked to confirm, “Oh! Is it SEE-THROUGH?” LOL. Yes, it’s see-through.

    • Hey Lu! Yea, it’s a nice space! I’m not sure what was going on when I was there, but it looked pretty interesting. Oh, and I haven’t even been to Coffee Prince! hehe.

  6. wow. thanks for the kind comments. i’m working for Cafe Slobbie n i feel very happy that you had comfort time at Slobbie. i’ve been interested in your AMAZING vegan recipes n i desperately would like to invite you as our All-Right Table host! A-RT is a monthly narrative-food workshop and i believe there’r a lot of Slobbie fans who are interested in vegan baking and your (Aline’s day out) stories accompanied with. please let me know if you like. xxx hope to see you at Slobbie again. have a nice day xx

  7. I love, love, love your blog. I am not anywhere near Seoul, and am vegetarian, not vegan. But someday soon I hope to visit Seoul and will know where to get delicious food without worry. Slobbie Restaurant is First on The List when I hit Korea.

  8. Hey Mipa,

    I’ve been to Slobbie’s a few times and asked about their kimchi. They assured me it was vegan, but I went on to ask if it contains jeotgal or myulchee and they assured me it didn’t….. I’ve started going there in 2013 so maybe they changed the kimchi recipe since you last visited?

  9. Hi Mipa,
    I’m now in Cafe Slobbie! It’s so good and my sis & I are so satisfied with the meals here! Thanks a lot for your wonderful blog!!

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  13. Dear Mipa,

    I just discovered your wonderful blog. Congratulations on your work! I am traveling to Seoul from Germany soon and so excited to try those places you recommend! Cafe Slobbie looks cute, despite the funny name. I am not a full vegan, more like a flexi vegan-pescaterian, but I eat mostly vegan and wholesome. Do a lot of places offer brown rice?
    Greetings from Berlin,

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