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Vegan Lattes & Desserts at Botton Cafe


Well, I think it’s safe to say that Botton is now one of my favorite vegan-friendly coffee shops in Seoul. The more I visit this spot, the more I love it (check first blog post here). And I’m not just saying that because they stock Alien’s Day Out Bake Shop vegan treats, although that is rad in and of itself (yea, ok, I’m totally biased). Honestly though, it’s a really charming, calm space and the ladies who work there are just truly lovely people.

But more than anything, THIS is why I love Botton. The barista can do a soy cafe latte with latte art!! At the time of this writing, as far as I know, this is the only cafe in Seoul that does this with soy milk. Other coffee shops will just give you a mug with foam on top, but at Botton, you can enjoy your vegan latte in style! She said it doesn’t come out quite as good as when using regular dairy, because the soy milk they use has a lower fat content, but if you ask me, it came out pretty spanking awesome. I freaking love them. And it tasted amazing too. Deep, rich flavors, and slightly sweet even without any sugar. Admittedly, their drinks are on the pricey side, but they use high quality coffee from Forest Coffee Roasters  and personally, I reckon it’s totally worth it.

How about a vegan muffin to go with your coffee?

Oh, and I have been making vegan cakes and cupcakes for Botton cafe every week! They like to switch up the flavors each time, but here are a few they’ve carried recently: chocolate with mint frosting, lemon with blueberry frosting, and red velvet with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Jjajaaan~!! Two-layer red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and cherries. Totally vegan.

Hanging out with the barista and taste-testing some baked goodies. :) I’m really excited about our partnership because the ladies that run the cafe are just so awesome and they kick ass. They always make customers feel so welcomed.

Other things to love: their iced mocha latte, gorgeous fresh flowers by the window, and toy cat-stacking games (as well as Rummikub).

Directions to Botton Cafe:

Noksapyeong Station, like 6, Exit 1. Come out the exit and take the overpass bridge. Pass Petra’s restaurant on your left and follow the road as it curves. Botton will be around the corner, on your left.

Itaewon Station line 6, exit 1. Walk straight, til you almost reach the end of Itaewon street. Before you get to the end, you will see a narrow road that veers to the right and up a hill. Walk uphill, passing Cup & Bowl and Hillside bar on your right. Botton will be on your right. About a 10 minute walk from the station.

Open hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 1pm-11pm. Closed on Mondays
Address: 서울시 용산구 이태원동 455-23
Phone: 070-8264-3720

They don’t have a website, but if you can read Korean, follow their twitter page, where they announce new dessert items and cafe updates etc.


  1. pretty cooool~~ looks like my kinda cafe :P

  2. I haven’t had a coffee or treat there yet but, I’m already sold. I was lost in the neighborhood recently, and the ladies who worked there whipped out iphones to find an address for me. Then one of them left the cafe to personally walk me to the place I was looking for! True kindness! Plus, the place looked beautiful. Can’t wait to visit!

    • That’s so nice of them! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because that’s totally their character. Hehe. Hope you get a chance to visit them again in the future!^^

    • Wow! That’s so nice of them. That definitely earns them some brownie points (=will come visit your café).

  3. great! I’ve started following the cafe twitter! Thanks for the information :)

  4. The barista is wearing fell+cole t-shirt which I have 2 of it :D

  5. I will sure to visit this cafe to try those goodies baked by you looks so good

  6. Oh looks so nice! I definitely wanna go there with my bf if we ever go to Seoul! I really like to read about your recommendations of places to eat in Seoul. To visit all of them I’d need to stay quite a while though ^^. Really inspiring :)

  7. I think we are all allowed to have our places and things we are biased about.

    The red velvet cake looks so yum! I’ve never had red velvet cake, so I would totally go for that!

    Yay for the soy art… and those stacking toys… too cute! (I didn’t know there was such a game.)

  8. Didn’t manage to find your email anywhere but just wanted to let you know how much i LOVE reading your blog! All the Korean food looks so amazing and easy to make and has inspired me to whip up some stir frys and sweet beans now and then. Keep up the delicious work! :)

  9. I just died and woke up in cupcake heaven! I am so happy for you and your partnership with this cafe! I wish I could try the red velvet cake before I leave for Vietnam. But your business is growing which only means that soon I will be able to order certain things online…from another country! Yay! Stay blessed :)

  10. Gosh, so many tempting reasons to visit Korea~~~ Some day TT TT

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  12. Thanks for the tip on this cafe. I’m working in Chuncheon, so a visit to Seoul to have a really great soy coffee (one thing I’ve been missing about my hometown Sydney) and one of your DE-licious muffins made a very cold and drizzly saturday a wonderful day. The staff are super nice too. Keep unveiling other vegan friendly places please for us sorry mono-linguists

    • aw thank you! :) I’m so glad you got to hang out at Botton! Their soy lattes are soooo good….. :) hope you get to visit again soon!

  13. Always love your posting here.
    How much is the price of whole cake of red velvet in botton? I might give a reference to my friend as a birthday cake :D

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