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Home delivered food & Bunny


The other day I was feeling particularly lazy and had zero motivation to cook lunch for myself so I ended up having food delivered. I used to be scared of getting food delivered because I felt awkward speaking Korean over the phone, but after trying it once, it’s no big deal. All it takes is the ability to say your address (sometimes just your building name and room #) in Korean, and they will bring your food right to your doorstep. It’s so convenient, and once you’re done eating, you just pile up the dirty dishes and leave them outside your door for the guy to pick up and take away. Oh the wonders of Korean food delivery service.

Anyway, there is a Korean-Chinese restaurant in my neighborhood and I have their menu stuck on my fridge for these kinds of lazy days. Most of the menu is not vegan, but they do have animal-free mapa tofu with rice. For 6,500won, I got a huge plate of food and a few side dishes which included vegan yellow pickled radishes and onions, and non-vegan kimchi and soup). It all came with a plastic table spread to avoid food splatter on the desk, a spoon and chopsticks. The mapo tofu was tasty and the portion was definitely enough for two meals. Leftovers, yeaaa!

Ddeok for snacktime at Botton cafe. These songpyun ddeoks are made with 모싯잎, which are special green leaves that are supposed to be super healthy for you. Not sure what it’s called in English, but they look like perilla leaves but don’t have that spicy peppery taste. The leaves get steamed and ground into a pulp before being mixed with rice flour to make the ddeok. These were filled with sweetened ground sesame seeds and were seriously gooood.

Breakfast for these chilly mornings: Hot oatmeal with apples, flax seeds, chia seeds, raisins, and a drizzle of molasses on top.

Libre coffee and a coke. Double caffeine fix.

And now some mid-week Bunny photos. Here’s Bunny pouncing around on my bed.


I love scooping her up and having some snuggle time. She never lets any one else hold her… just me. Usually when anyone else tries to pick her up, she kicks them away and scampers off. I feel so special.

Happy Wednesday~~


  1. I hear ya on the hot oats! Im doin honey, flax, apples, and raisins in mine! I’m ashamed to admit I still have not visited Botton. ><

  2. So amazed over the delivery system in Korea. They’re so advanced! But I’m happy I at least get pizza homedelivered now :D. Where I grew up I couldn’t even get that, living in the forest and everything ^^. And OMG Bunny is soooo cuuuute! And yes, you should feel special with that treatment :D.

  3. bunny is so sweet to you!!

  4. I googled (because I’m the Queen of Google :-D) and Google Image gives me a variety of results, some of which look like nettles, and some which look different. I’m guessing you’d know nettles so I’m ruling that out (unless it’s dove nettles rather than stinging nettles???) I did get some images with English text, which seem to translate it as “ramie leaves”.

    No idea what ramie leaves are, and the internet doesn’t really seem to explain, although I get a Chinese name too (厝叶) and the botanical one (Boehmeria nipononivea) which often comes with another English name (herb porma).

    I’m no smarter though with any of that info!

  5. Bunny is just to cute!

  6. Is it mugwort? Also called yomogi in Japanese.

    • Oh, mugwort in Korean is 쑥/”sook”. There is sook ddeok too, but this particular ddeok I ate was made with different leaves. :)

  7. mipa, i think you should invent a dish after mapa tofu and name it as ‘Mipa tofu’. hehe…

  8. love love 모싯잎!!so much!!

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