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Tom’s Cat Cafe in Hongdae


Ever have one of those days where you just want to pet some cats? I love Bunny, but sometimes I want to hug a different animal. And that’s where cat cafes come in. I haven’t been to too many cat cafes around Seoul, but I think Tom’s Cafe in Hongdae is one of the more popular ones. The cats are really chill and the staff are friendly too. I’ve gone to cafes where the staff constantly scold customers for doing things wrong, but the staff here are pretty laid back. And the kitties are just adorable.

As soon as you walk in, a staff member comes over and gives you a squeeze of hand sanitizer, so you don’t sicken the cats with your germ-infested hands. Next, you get a quick orientation of the do’s and dont’s for handling the cats. They even have an English translation for foreigners. A few of the cats wear scarves to let people know their temperament or condition. For example, any cats wearing blue scarves are a little more ‘catty’ and might scratch you.

One of the naughty scratchers with the blue scarf. >:) Not so innocent!

The drinks at cat cafes are definitely more expensive than regular cafes (7,000-8,000 won), but it includes the ‘admission price’. All in all, it’s not a bad deal, and you gotta consider the cost of taking good care of the cats.

There are all kinds of shelves, cubby holes, and catwalks around the cafe for them to hideout in or stalk customers from high up.



The cats here definitely live a happy life. They are well-fed, groomed, and their litterboxes are clean. And they get so much love and attention from visitors. If I were a cat, I reckon this would be the high life.

So sweet.

Looking a bit lonely in the playground… hehe. Grumpy little bugger.

Rub my bellay!!

Purty bi-colored eyes.

No matter where you are, there is a cat watching you.

Half the time, the cats are napping and ignoring you, but sometimes they wake up and let you play with them.

My favorite kitty of the lot. Maybe I have a thing for white animals (like Bunny). She kept hanging around me and pushing keys on my laptop with its adorable paws.

She eventually just took up half my table~ Shoo floofy!!

This adorable kitty got comfy and fell asleep on my friend Hannah’s lap. Hmpf, why you no sit on me?

There are 8 cats in this photo. Can you spot them all?

Anyway, it’s nice to be around some furry creatures, especially in Korea where you might not have enough space for your own animal companion~ It’s not exactly an ideal place for being productive because you’re constantly being distracted by the cute kitties, but it’s a welcomed distraction. :)

Directions to Tom’s Cat Cafe:
Hongik University Station, line 2, exit 9. Walk up the road leading towards Hongdae playground. The cat cafe is across from the Art Box store, on the 3rd floor.
Address: 서울특별시 마포구 서교동 358-125 3층
Phone: 010-8900-0450
Naver map link


  1. I’ve always wanted to go to a cat cafe!

    I could count seven cats, I’m not sure where the 8th one is… unless is it the white thing behind the red and white chairs at the left?

  2. Oh so cuuuute! Love kittens! I think I found all of the cats :D, do I get a price ;)? Really needed the cat pictures this monday morning, thank you Mipa!

  3. hey! love ur blog! so helpful and informative:) im really glad i found it! i was just wondering if you were going to any festivals or meetups etc on halloween and if could you maybe post a list of the areas? i plan on doing something fun on that day buy not really sure where to go to :/ thanks and great job with the blog!

  4. This is too much! A cat cafe? Why do such things not exist here?

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  6. KITTIESSS ♥ㅂ♥

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  10. I just tried to visit Tom’s Cat cafe, but it is no longer there! Must have closed down in the last year.

  11. Hi there :)

    I’ve filtered through quite a bit of blogspot on the directions to Toms Cat and yours is the clearest among all :(

    But, i still do have questions :)

    From your post, it says from Exit 9, walk up straight to the road leading to the playground~~

    Do I just get out from Exit 9, and just walk straight up, all the way? Like literally, straight up? :)

    Sorry for sucha a dumb question, because I’m travelling alone :( So, I need clear directions :(

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