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Veggie Holic Bakery (new location) (CLOSED)


UPDATE**** VEGGIE HOLIC bakery has closed *****

Remember Veggie Holic bakery (old post here and here)? Well, a few months ago, they relaunched at a new location and I finally got to check out their brand new sparkly space. I was hoping they would move to a more central location in Hongdae, but they moved to an equally obscure spot, hidden in the middle of residential villas and apartment complexes. But if you go once, you’ll be able to easily find it again.

Check out their fanshy new interior and cafe corner.

Now they also have an upstairs seating area which seems really chill and quiet for anyone who wants peace to get work done. I doubt it ever gets filled up, so you can sit for hours in peace.

But most importantly, let’s admire their shelves of vegan baked goodies.

Vegan cookies, 2,000won each~~ not all of their cookies are vegan, so just double check the tags, or ask the kind lady at the counter.

garlic bread

Chestnut bread

Cranberry and chestnut pastries.


The majority of their items are the same ones they had at their old location so you can check my older posts for more photos. They are more like a Korean-style bakery with things like chestnut and sweet potato poundcakes or crunchy cookies… things that you would find at Paris Baguette or Tour Les Jours, only veganized. But I did notice a few new goodies in stock, particularly these:

Vegan pain au chocolat (only one left!) and croissants! O.o

For realz. I honestly never thought I’d live to see the day when I’d eat vegan pain au chocolat in Korea. It seems like the holy grail of veganized pastries, and having it in Korea now feels like we’ve reached a milestone in this country’s vegan-evolution. So what’s next? Vegan doughnuts please. Real doughnuts (not the steamed kind).

This croissant was much larger than most others I’ve had and the dough was so soft and practically melted in the mouth. The buttery layers just peeled off beautifully. If I’m being picky though, the bottom of the croissant was a bit too oily and it could’ve had a little more crispiness on the very outer layer. But really, it’s a vegan pain au chocolat. I’m hardly going to complain.

So now I’ve had vegan pain au chocolat at three different cities: LA, Paris, and Seoul. Woot. We’re getting there!! Well done Veggie Holic, for making this girl’s day.

As for their vegan soy latte, it was aiight. A little watery and bland, but I think I’ve just been completely spoiled from all the amazing lattes and flat whites I’ve been having at Botton.

There is also a fridge dedicated to Purely Decadent icecream. :)

Veggie Holic
Hongik University Station, Exit 3. About a 7 minute walk from the station. Please refer to this map (or their website):

지도 크게 보기
2012.10.11 | 지도 크게 보기 ©  NHN Corp.

Open: Every day 10am -10pm
Phone: 070-4114-0458
Address: 서울시 마포구 연남동 257-7  1층
Free wifi and parking available


  1. Um, wow!!! That looks incredible. Can’t wait to come up to Seoul and try these goodies, I’m so excited for you to be able to have vegan pan au chocolat in Korea!! Now only if they would open a branch in Daegu…

  2. Hey Mipa, do you know if there are any Veggie Holic bakeries in Busan? :)

  3. Bakery looks delicious!! I miss Korea more and more when I read your blog ^^

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  5. Oh my goodness, everything at that bakery looks fabulous! The pain au chocolat looks especially awesome though.

  6. I went today and it was so good. They told me that everything in the bakery was vegan, because they switched to using soy milk with everything. I don’t speak much Korean, as I’ve only been here two weeks so and I am still learning, but one of the workers spoke pretty good English. I got about 10 different items so I could taste them all and have some for later. It was absolutely fabulous having so many choices. I only wish I lived closer, but they said they would deliver to my area about an hour away so yeah!!! I will try and order online and see how that goes, but I know I will go back to the store too. Thanks so much for finding this place and blogging about it I was soooooo Happy!!! The coffee was also excellent, I had an iced soy Mocha and my Husband had the Hot Caramel soy coffee and hey put a cute heart in the foam.

  7. I cannot wait to check this place out. I only wish I had another excuse to go to Seoul…. Thanks for the details and directions.

  8. I feel so stupid! I tried to find this today and I simply can’t!


  9. This place looks great! I wonder if there is any way to ask if they use alcohol as a part of their ingredients.

  10. I went there today and it seems like they don’t have the second floor area anymore + their WiFi access was password locked (maybe you’ve got to ask for it??).
    Anyway, the bread was absolutely amazing and the area where the Cafe is located is pleasantly quiet : )

  11. Tried to go there today (February 9, 2015). Now it’s a ramen restaurant.

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