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‘Watermelon Rinds & White Jeolpyeon’ Restaurant @ Sangsu


There’s this restaurant that I always pass by when I’m around the Sangsu/Hapjeong area. I’m not sure whether it’s their green exterior or their curious name ‘수박껍질 과 하얀 절편’ that translates to ‘Watermelon Rinds and White Jeolpyeon,’ but I’ve been wanting to check it out for the longest time. Based on the restaurant’s name, you might think that they serve discarded watermelon skins and jeolpyeon (a type of traditional ddeok with a geometric pattern stamped into it), but thankfully they actually serve real entree dishes, because otherwise that would be quite a weird combination.

“Well-being Diet Food”.

Their menu is pretty meat-centric with things like ribs or samgyupsal, but they do have one page that is dedicated to 6 completely vegan dishes.  It’s definitely reassuring to know that the chefs and servers are familiar with the word vegan. Also, compared to many other restaurants in Hongdae, I found the prices to be pretty good.

I ordered this soup dish which was four yubu (soy skin) “dream pouches” (“꿈주머니”) in a delicious veggie broth with mushrooms, bean sprouts, and scallions. It also came with a bowl of rice on the side, and some wasabi-soy sauce for dipping the dumplings in.

Doesn’t it look adorable, all tied up with that strand of green onion? I just want to put a string on it and carry it around like a tote bag.

Each pouch is stuffed with vermicelli noddles, tofu, sprouts, and other veggies. It’s delicious as it is, but you can also dip it in some of the wasabi sauce for a little kick.

The soup broth was also nice~ mild and comforting. Not such a fan of bean sprouts in soups, but I still slurped up the whole bowl.

Lilian ordered this spicy soymilk curry with rice which was just awesome. The menu says it is made with soy milk, but it tasted really similar to thai coconut curry, so I think they might’ve added some coconut milk too. Either way, it was delicious and had just the right amount of spiciness.

So creamy!

Since they knew I was vegan, they only brought out the vegan banchans, but for omnis they also serve kimchi and maybe anchovies (depending on what they have that day). Oh, and they will refill your banchan bowls if you ask~!

I really enjoyed eating here and I can’t wait to try out their other vegan options. We only ordered two,  so I’ll just have to return soon.

Directions to 수박껍질 과 하얀 절편
Sangsu Station, Exit 1.  When you come out exit 1, turn to your right towards Hongik University. Turn left at the first alleyway and follow the alley as it veers right. Then turn left and the restaurant will be a few buildings down, on your left hand side.
Address: 마포구 상수동 312-4
Phone: 070-7448-0015

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  1. Hi, thank u for posting this!! I am a vegan too and I am loving your blog so much. If possible, may I know the exact names of the food u ordered and the price? I’m planning to try them myself. Thank you! :)

  2. since theres only 6 dishes, you can just tell me, which is which from #1 to 6 from ur pix ^^

  3. So yummy! I used to work in a very Korean neighborhood and we had an awesome Korean restaurant we used to visit often. They had one really great vegan item on the menu, but lots of bancha. My favorite! Plus I loved the roasted barley tea.


    • OHhh yea, i love roasted barley tea too! That reminds me.. I should get some. So much better than just drinking plain boring water.

  4. Great info!
    You’re on vegan MoFo btw! That’s nice. I’m skipping this year, because food isn’t my primary interest for my blog at the moment.. but I’m eager to see other MoFoers posting things.

  5. Does that menu item say mujigae yachae, a/k/a rainbow vegetables? I don’t know what the phrase before it means, but I like the sound of that.

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