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Learning to make vegan fondant


So I’m kind of into making cakes lately. I love the creative process of frosting and decorating etc. For a long time now, I’ve wanted to decorate a cake with vegan fondant but my experience with making fondant has been zero, zilch. I didn’t even know what it was until I started watching ‘Cake Boss.’ Even though I was curious about making it myself, I kept putting it off because it seemed like so much work and I wasn’t sure how to veganize it. But then I finally decided to get off my butt and give it a shot. Here’s the result:

A family of fondant penguins on a winter north pole cake! The inside was a two-layer green-tea cake with buttercream frosting.

I found a few vegan fondant recipes online and in the end, went with this one but made a few tiny changes. I ended up increasing the agar powder to 1tsp and I used less sugar powder than the recipe called for. The original recipe called for 4 cups, but I only used about 3 1/4… maybe 3 1/2. If I had used all of the sugar powder, my fondant would’ve been a crumbly dry mess. Maybe it was the dry weather, maybe it was the density of the sugar powder, or both.

agar glycerin.jpg
I already had the agar agar powder in my pantry, but I had to order the glycerin from GMarket. I’m not sure where else you could get it except online… perhaps at Bangsan market, but don’t quote me on it. :)

penguin fondant
The first test penguin. I wanted to see whether he would dry up too much, so I left him out in the open air for a day. After a day, it was a bit crusty and dry on the outside, but the fondant wasn’t rock hard and I could still bite into his pudgy butt. Not that I recommend eating too much of the stuff since it is pretty much just a wad of pure sugar. Here’s the recipe with my changes. I’ll probably continue to tweak the recipe over time, but I reckon this is a good place to start.

Vegan Fondant (slightly modified from this recipe)

1 tsp agar agar powder
1/8 cup cold water
1/4 cup light corn syrup
1 tbsp vegetable shortening
1/2 Tbs glycerin
3 1/2 cups vegan powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract


1. Sift sugar powder into a bowl.
2. Mix the agar powder and water in a small saucepan and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Place on stove over low heat and mix continuously as the agar dissolves. If the mixture becomes too thick, or sticks to the pan, add a little more water.
3. Remove the pan from the stove and add the corn syrup, shortening, glycerin, and extracts. Stir until the shortening has completely melted. Pour into a separate large bowl.
4. Add about half of the sifted sugar powder into the mixture and begin mixing with a spoon. Once it thickens, you will have to knead it with your hands. Continue to add sugar powder until you reach the right fondant consistency. For me, I used almost 3.5 cups. Knead the fondant into a ball and wrap in plastic wrap and then place in another air tight bag. Store at room temperature.

More fondant penguins in the making. All those hours of messing with playdough as a kid finally got put to good use. I used a little vanilla extract as the ‘glue’ to hold all the bits together. If the fondant got a bit crumbly while working, I kneaded in a little buttercream frosting to soften it up again.

The baby penguin was my favorite~ :)

Also the one with the red beanie, affectionately named Mr. Zissou.


And because I am a child, here are some turd cupcakes with fondant flies. Teehee~ poop jokes and turd-shaped food will always give me the giggles. I made these for a friend’s birthday party and everyone enjoyed their poops.

Poopy poopy poop~ la-dee-da-dee-daaa~~

“Dis is dee mos deeelicious crap I’s ever tasted!” Mmm, scrummy.

So that’s my first foray into vegan fondant. I’ve thought about taking cake decorating classes, just so I can properly learn how to do fancy piping and sugar art, but cake deco classes are surprisingly expensive here and ofcourse, none are vegan. So for now, I just have to learn on my own, with the internet as my teacher. Overall, making the fondant itself is simpler than I expected. On the other hand, making the figurines is time consuming and it takes some practice to get all the pieces to stick together. But the whole process is a lot of fun too. I love this kind of thing~ making and crafting with my hands. :) You guys should try it too!


  1. The Penguin are soooo cute!!!!

  2. It looks awesome, the cake. What talent. Who got to eat it? I wonder what it all tastes like…

  3. Wao!!! It is Awesome, Mipa.
    U did a great job on them :) So sweet! Love them so much~~~ Please keep it up.

  4. MIPA~ these are beautiful! You’re baking is inspiring, I’ve been baking up savory dishes and playing around with stuff for ScottySoul…I miss cake jams!! Will I be seeing and kicking it with you next week?

    Also~ date/walks/coffee joining/tea spills…let’s get together lady!!

    (I got a few more piggies to join my little family!!!)

  5. UMMMM….what the!!!!!! I just talked to you the other day…no mention of fondant…and now I see perfect penguin figurines and flies….you are crazy haha :D :D Taking your baking skills to a whole new level! You are amaaaaazing sis <3

  6. The penguins are so cute!

    Poop cupcakes… hahaha! You crack me up.

  7. wow, they all look great! you got skillz, girl. (:

  8. HAHA! Love the poo cuppies.

  9. It’s a strawberry beanie! Oh my, these are adorable! Wait.. um… kyeopta?

  10. Mipa, you’ve done it again! You are so talented. They look so good! I love the bee poop – isn’t honey the same as bee poop? :-)

  11. These are super cute!! :)
    This past summer I helped my sister make fondant and gum paste flowers for a friend’s wedding(not vegan though). Fondant is Soooo fun to play with!
    Maybe I’ll have to take my sister’s cake decorating class and bring a batch of your vegan fondant to use :)
    Also, the poop cupcakes are my favorite!! I want to make some, but they won’t look nearly as cute as yours.

  12. Is the “poop” made of buttercream? Btw, I had tried your vegan brownies (with some changes – no flax seed, used both plain & self-raising flour, no coffee extract, added some 4-hours-boiled condense milk). It is so moist & extremely delicious!

  13. is there any method to make the buttercream remains as it is? i mean no melts?

  14. Hallo Mipa.
    Oh wow da haben sie ja wieder wunderschöne Sachen gezaubert, wie lecker!!!

    Ich habe ihnen eine frage zu ihren Kürbis Marmor Kuchen gestellt, können sie mir vielleicht sagen wo ich das Kabocha Pulver (Mehl) kaufen kann, ich lebe in Berlin und bekomme es einfach nicht, so tolle Sachen haben wir leider nicht. Ich bin so traurig!
    Ich liebe Karbocha Kürbis, ich könnte in morgen, mittags und abends essen, diese Sorte Kürbis kann man auch nur ganz schwer hier bekommen. Keiner will ihn haben, deshalb kann man ihn nur ganz wenig kaufen. Leider ich liebe ihn.

    Viele Grüße,
    Jesse Gabriel

  15. Love the penguins! They’re so cute! especially the blue color scheme. :-)

  16. Mipa, those penguins are adorable! How did you make that perfect shade of blue? @.@

  17. i just love love your blog! so informative and fun to read! thanks for all the baking tips!:)

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  19. Hi, Mipa! Could I get that agar powder just about anywhere in Seoul or do I need to go somewhere specific? Thanks :)

  20. I am going to try to make the vegan fondant this weekend for my daughter Himalaya’s 4th b’day. I found glycerin at our local health food store here in Weed/Mt Shasta, Ca. Thank you for the recipe and i love those penguins and the flies on poop cupcakes. my boys would loooooove those. Mary

  21. Hello, I have been thinking of making vegetarian/vegan fondant and came across your post. Could u pls clarify what importance the glycerin has in the recipe? I live in Bengaluru (south india) and wondering where I would buy Glycerin from easily. Thanks,

  22. hiii does penguins are adorable.
    will u do a small favour plss make a video of it…..plss

  23. I am most definitely going to try this! I do have a question though, what did you use to get the different colors for your fondant? Thank you for sharing :)

  24. hi,
    those penguins are superb.
    thank you for vegan fondant recipe, but i want to ask one question,
    can i make this fondant with agar agar strips? if yes than how ?
    as i have to melt it right
    and how much i use agar agar?
    thank you

  25. hey
    thx for the wonderful recipe.
    i made it! i made it!
    cant tell how much happy i am right now.
    my fondant looks exactly like urs,but can i cover cake with this fondant?
    mine was a experiment so rather than taking 3 1/2 cup sugar i took 1 cup and accordingly change the other measures.and rather than using corn syrup i took 1/4 cup sugar (plan sugar) and add 1 tbs water and cooked it…..
    and it worked..
    but thank you so much for this recipe i know i am writing alot but m happy so sharing it with u bdw this PLANT is very beautiful ….:) and ur eyes too

  26. Love the blue penguin! ! Hey a quick question- what should be the measurement if using agar flakes instead of agar powder?
    Apparently they dnt sell powder here :(

  27. I am trying your fondant icing today. I want to see if I can make butterflies for a birthday cake.

  28. Hi do u think I could use this to cover cakes?

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