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Lee Boulanger Bakery


I’ve noticed in recent years, the explosion of high quality bakeries around Seoul. I think more Koreans are getting sick of the generic ‘Paris Baguette’ and ‘Tour les Jours’ chain bakeries with their generic Korean-style bread and pastries, and now they’re looking for authentic, artisan breads (check ‘Veg Eateries‘ tab for a list of vegan-friendly bakeries). Lee Boulanger is tucked away in one of the alleyways near Seoraemaeul. I didn’t expect to find this place, but some friends and I were in the area, and we were curious so we popped in for a snack.

When we went, it was late on a Sunday afternoon, so they didn’t have much in stock, but we were able to snag a few vegan items.


Orange campagne and walnut-current country bread.

Whole wheat bread made with organic flour and sprouted whole wheat grains. Notice the ‘no butter, no sugar’ sign. :)

The mini olive baguettes and their house baguettes below are both vegan. The ‘Bacon Epi’ is obviously not.

We got one of these petit olive baguettes and it was pretty awesome. Loved the saltiness of the olives.

PicMonkey Collage
Extra virgin olive oil for dipping, 1,000won each.

My baggie of bread. There is outdoor seating and also plenty of tables on the second floor.

I got the last orange campaneau bread and they sliced it up for me. Crunchy crust and chewy on the inside with bits of orange rind. Not as good as the olive baguette, but still yummy. Go vegan bread!


Lee Boulanger
Phone: 02-532-6410
Address: 서울 서초구 방배동 796-4
Naver map here


  1. Oh Dear, my me feel hungry even just look at the photo u post , Mipa :)
    Why cant i find this type of bakery in my country~~~~~ sob, sob, sob~~~~~

  2. Good bread!!! Especially that loaf that looks like sourdough rye…

  3. I love this website! Your posts are always interesting and the photos are beautiful. I must try this bakery: the olive bread looks amazing. To keep track and remember this post, I was trying to pin a photo (linked to your site) on Pinterest, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. I got a message that the photos were not available to be pinned. I’m not sure if this is a security or copyright protection feature you have on your site. I think you could spread the word about your awesome website, if visitors could pin posts that interest them. Just a thought. :)

  4. Thank you for sharing I went to Seoul 2 times but you made me want to visit again:)
    Next time I’ll try all the vegan cafes you post them on your website,keep exploring the city and again thank you so much.



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