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Christmas time is here~


With Christmas only a week away, things are getting super busy around here, but in a good way! I’m the kind of person that needs to stay busy otherwise I’ll start going crazy, so I’m really grateful for that. I won’t have much of a social life until the end of this year, but I’m still trying to enjoy the holiday season as much as I can, and to stay present. I have to admit that I’ve never been good at balancing everything in life… but I’m learning. Maybe that will be my new year’s resolution- to be more balanced.

christmas cake
I love baking during this time of the year because I get to make everything look festive and christmassy. Even a little cheezy. The other week I baked this Christmas red velvet cake for Botton Cafe. I made the candy canes out of sugar fondant, instead of using the peppermint candies.

cookie box
… and here’s my holiday cookie box~~ :)

Got to attend my first Christmas party of the holiday season~ My lovely friend and host made all of us our own mini stockings. So adorable.

I got these mugs from the white elephant gift exchange. :) Weehoooo~! I will be using these all year long.

Stopped by High Street Market last week to make a delivery and thought I’d snap a photo of my vegan goods.

Now there’s also delicious gluten-free crackers and raw energy balls, made by Whole*istic, started up by Suzi Que. I finally got to meet her after sending FB messages back and forth, and she is indeed a lovely person and knows how to make delicious, healthy things.

Suzi was really generous and gave me a free package of black sesame-onion-chia crackers and some semi-dried tomato basil and sunflower seed dip to sample. Everything is made from scratch- she even dries her own tomatoes! I shared them at the Christmas party and everyone loved them. The crackers tasted like savory shortbread and it paired so well with the salty, nutty tomato dip. If I had a big tub of that dip, I would spread it on practically everything. :)

For dinner, I bought a piece of the Whole*istic vegan & gluten free lasagna.

Thoroughly enjoyed. I haven’t had anything resembling lasagna is so long~~ and this was a yummy, healthy, vegan version. There were layers of mushrooms, cabbage, carrot and onions sauteed in coconut oil and tofu cream, in between sheets of tinkyada brown rice pasta.

This week, I had to say goodbye to a few friends who are leaving Korea. That’s one thing that sucks about having mostly foreign/English-speaking friends- eventually they all leave. :( I feel like I’m being left behind~~ waaaah. Well I guess I’ll just have to blog them back to Korea. During one of the farewell gatherings I had this hot mug of grapefruit juice. Bitter-sweet, indeed.

Lunch at Ahn Hyun Pil, the vegan buffet in my neighborhood. Simple but yummy Korean food. And they always have japchae on the menu- my favorite Korean dish.

plate number 2.

Another delicious lunch with some of my favorite people at Garobee buffet in Gangnam. They had a few new dishes that I hadn’t seen there before– all fantastic. *UPDATE March 11, 2014*** GAROBEE has closed. :(:(:(

Kimbab from Kimbab Chungook~~ I asked for no animal ingredients and extra veggies. :) My go-to lunch solution when I have no time to cook.

orange chips
Gnoa bought me these homemade orange chips at the new Marche that opens every first Saturday of the month by Hyehwa station. Had no idea you could make orange chips, and they were so delicious. They disappeared pretty quick.

In return, I gave some cookies to Gnoa and she sent me this photo. I can’t wait for the day when I get a kitty~~ oh, it’s gonna happen… just a matter of time.

Finally, here’s Bunny enjoying some multi-color pellets on the snow~

The snow’s all melted now, but it was pretty while it lasted.

Ok folks, that’s all for today. Must get back to work…. :) Stay warm and hug your family today.


  1. I enjoyed following your progress with the bake shop this year. Having seen the picture, I am so ordering those x-mas cookie boxes! Take care :)

  2. Ah Bunny looks so cute on he snow with the coloured pellets!

  3. Aw bunny buns. Kinda regretting I didnt buy that ticket to korea a few wks ago!!! Take vacation and come visit me again. do itttt! :)

  4. Lovely! It’s so great that you have the little balcony. As much as we (or maybe just I?) think of our pets as little hothouse flowers, it’s cool to see them out enjoying the elements, protected by their fur. :) I’m glad Bunny gets to have fun in the snow, too.

  5. your window condensation art cannot be beat, mipa! i love your sweet christmassy goods!! the coolest coffeeshop in my hood always has a vegan cupcake or pastry offering these days, but none as creative as yours that you bring to botton, speshly now that you’ve got the fondant goin on. I will be home with my family tomorrow and will give them hugs as ordered. :D

    • hehe, thanks Katy. I see window condensation and I just have to do something. Hope you get to enjoy some delicious vegan treats this christmas!

  6. Love that you’re fingerdrawing on the windows… didn’t notice that at first!

    I think I’m going to have to have a stab at red velvet cake one day soon (never eaten any, never tried making it).

    “I’ll just have to blog them back to Korea” — you might just succeed!

    The food, as always, looks fantastic and makes me so hungry. Hungrier than usually because I’ve just arrived at my sister’s and going through her semi-bare cupboard today was a little depressing. (There is like 6 types of spices only and three of them I bought last time I stayed here). Nothing like being in your own kitchen… But I think I’ll have to make some of the Korean food like from that buffet SOON, even if I have to go out and buy a gazillion of ingredients…

    • HI Alua~~ Yea…. not sure what i’d do without Korean food. hope your sister stocks her cupboards soon! :)

      • I doubt she will :-( but we are going to my parents’ on the weekend, who are better stocked (not as good as me, but still better than my sister).

        Could you do me favour and tell me what the Korean name (in Hangeul) is for kabocha powder (which you mentioned a while back)? I was going to try and ask at the Korean shops in town this week… TA!

  7. Happy Election Day! Very happy to see the new S. Korean president is a woman. Girl Power! I would love to see more woman in power in the US.

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